When you’re trapped inside your own apartment for long periods of time, you can start to go a little bit crazy, I get it. In this day and age of having internet access to everything, you can quickly lose sight of what’s really available because it’s all quite overwhelming. So here’s a list!

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TV Show Recommendations

I feel there are four categories of shows that both have a special place in my heart.

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If you haven’t already, you should probably watch Tiger King on Netflix, because it appears to be all anyone is talking about right now!

There are the short, sharp, and shiny funnies:

  1. Fleabag – I freaking adore this TV show. I smashed both seasons in less time than it takes to Google what it’s about. Just start watching.
  2. Schitt’s Creek – Sounds ridiculous, but you will be curled over in laughter
  3. The Good Place – A show that goes deep and at the same time is shallow and belly-laugh
  4. Brooklyn 99 – It’s just plain funny. It’s snappy. It’s great.
  5. Grace & Frankie – WILD CARD! You might not have seen or heard of this one but it IS SO DAMN FUNNY. It looks like it’s designed for your grandparents, I know, but you’ll love it.

There are deeper shows with more plot going on:

  1. Mindhunter – Dark, edgy, and based on the truth. Always a great combo!
  2. Killing Eve – This show is just brilliant, and is created by the woman from Fleabag above! BUT IS NOTHING LIKE FLEABAG
  3. Broadchurch – The epitome of British crime. Incredibly good for 3 seasons (I’ve got PLENTY more like this one – it’s my favorite genre)
  4. Chernobyl (HBO) – Golly, we only just finished this but it’s incredible (and is only a short mini-series)

Then there are the re-watchers:

  1. Gilmore Girls – As JD told me “they speak so fast, but the speak so true”… I don’t know how I got so into this.
  2. The West Wing – I’ve seen this more times than I can count, but in this day and age of politics, it’s a cool drink on a day filled with melting lava
  3. Scrubs – My favorite show. Don’t watch it too closely because you’ll realize I’m not actually funny, I’m just quoting Scrubs 93% of my day
  4. The Office (US) – I couldn’t get into the UK one (and I love British humor) but this US one takes on a path of its own and it’s HILARIOUS.
  5. Parks & Recreation – Comedy gold filled with some of the best characters on TV.

And there’s the Great British Baking Show

  1. The Great British Baking Show – A category all for itself. Because it’s glorious.

There’s also a fifth category of show that my girlfriend, Stacey, loves: The long story-telling type shows. Here are her top three to start binging because, as she said, you’ve got time right now:

  1. Breaking Bad – “Great to the very last episode”
  2. Game Of Thrones – “Ignore the hype, it’s still worth the watch”
  3. Lost – “You’ll be lost while you’re watching it but it’s so good!”
  4. Unbelieveable – “Really good, but quite dark”

Movie Recommendations

Here are some movies that you might not know ARE AWESOME!

  1. Mystic River – A really good and twisty one, just a perfect watch!
  2. Shawshank Redemption – You’ve got the time, it’s one of the best ever.

Stacey’s Book Recommendations

I’m a terrible reader, but Stace reads like a machine.

Her recommendations of the week (yeah seriously, there are so many books, I don’t know how her Kindle keeps up):

  1. Nothing To See Here (Kevin Wilson) – “It’s a book about friendship but with some bizarre and touching aspects – It’s just really good.”
  2. Cork Boar (John Pollack) – “It’s a memoir from Bill Clinton’s former speech writer who had a random dream to build a boat of corks, and he did it! It’s quirky and weird and funny and great.”

Recipes & Cooking

Hot Cross Buns by America JoshMaybe you could teach yourself to cook? Or cook more? Or maybe you just want a new recipe?

If you’re a baker, this Hot Cross Bun Recipe is sensational. In my opinion, it needs a LITTLE more spice in it, but the fruit content is perfecto.


Alternatively, if you’re just looking for something tasty to cook tonight that doesn’t use too many ingredients, then check out this Midnight Pasta With Garlic, Anchovy, Capers and Red Pepper from NYT Cooking. It’s DELICIOUS. We put some panko breadcrumbs in ours and it makes it even better.

CHOC CHIP COOKIES THE SIZE OF YOUR FACE from the New York Times. Follow the instructions carefully and you’re going to LOVE these.

Other things to do

PUZZLES! So many puzzles, and send me your pictures to [email protected]!

Workouts from home

I will admit I’ve gotten a bit lazy. I was at the gym at 6:30 am, 5-days a week up until last week and now I’m having trouble justifying even a light workout to myself. So let’s change that.

I asked the America Josh Community and here’s what I got:

  1. Local at-home fitness options [The Nudge] (from Talina A.) – A fantastic list of all the apps/websites/channels that are offering at-home services (including lots of free ones)
  2. Sworkit (Edwina M.) – Customize and play personalized video workouts that fit into your life.
  3. Fitness Musings (Kristy E.) – “… is doing some very good ‘body conditioning labs’ for isolation – not workouts, but things like ‘how to change an exercise for different purposes… educational’.”
  4. Core Power Yoga On-Demand (Dijana T.) – “Yoga on demand it’s fantastic”
  5. Down Dog Yoga (Karissa D. & Jacintha L.) – “It’s free and very very customizable so you never have to repeat a practice. Even has a restorative option where you’re lying down the whole time” and “is a yoga app that customises a different routine each time you use it for free until 1st of April”
  6. Tim Senesi Yoga and Yoga With Adriene (Kristy E.) – “Some of us are also loving doing the ’30 day Yoga programs’ on Youtube”
  7. Sweat App [Female Fitness Community] (Ruba H.) – “they have so many programs including yoga. All of which have recently been updated to be super at home friendly!
  8. 7 Minute Workout (Jacinta B.) – “I’ve used that one when stuck overseas before! Good one.” – Kristy E.
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