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Getting around outside in the winter

Sure, you know how to walk, but do you know how to walk on snow and ice without falling over? Do you know how to be prepared for the inevitable embarrassment of falling into a puddle? I think not!

Day one: Snow falls and it's magical. It even looks nice on the garbage bags on the sides of a street.

Day two: Snow on the ground is now black, and you're worried that if you touch it, it might drag you in.

Snow turns to slush FAST in a big city, so you need to be ready for this. It's equal parts slippery and gross (see shoes and boots above).

How to walk on snow and slush and ice

If you're having a lot of trouble walking on it, take smaller steps and walk like a penguin with your weight over your front foot, that'll help you from looking like an amateur.

Seriously, it sounds silly but it will mean that you don't slip and fall onto your butt and that looks much more silly.

Be ready for heating on high in restaurants and stores

When you walk into stores, it's going to be like you just arrived in the Bahamas, and it takes some getting used to. I walk quickly and when I arrive at meetings all rugged up, I look like I'm about to sweat through my suit.

Josh's Pro tip: Walk slower as you arrive at meetings and start to take your jacket, hat and scarf off before you arrive because then you cool down before entering a toastie-office-oven.

Avoid puddles at all costs

Don't jump in puddles.

You might think it looks like a good and fun jumping puddle but it's not.

It's a hole.

You will fall in.

It will be 3 feet deep.

You will not recover feeling in your extremities until the spring.

Avoid going out in blizzards

Adhere to the warnings, this one really should be self-explanatory. If it's really gross outside, stay inside as much as possible and send me emails: [email protected].

Tip your delivery people more

So you're staying inside as per my instructions?

Great! If you're getting food delivered now because of that, you're making some other poor person tread cycle or walk through the terrible conditions, so you owe them. Increase your normal tips for the extra bad days.

That’s all for getting around, but don’t worry, there’s more!

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