The Commodore Chicken Sandwich

I saw snow on the ground yesterday. Spring is rubbish.

Restaurant of the week

Something a little bit fancy this week.

Hearth is seasonal, fresh, delicious, changing, from-the-farm-and-sea, and great.

It’s a bit pricier than other places we recommended but not ridiculously so and the food quality is sensational.

The fruit and nut hot chocolate. Wowee.

Hearth Restaurant


Bar of the week

I told you I liked fried chicken. I had one of the best chicken sandwiches (by the way, they’re called sandwiches here, not chicken burgers?) I’ve ever had in my life here.

The Commodore is a cool bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that has a little and great seated area in case you just want to enjoy a meal. There’s no reservations so you may have to get really good at just hovering over those who are already eating.

The Commodore Chicken Sandwich


Thing-to-do of the week

It’s Passover this weekend! You can read about it here.

Get to know your city 🙂

Local tip of the week


“Times Square sucks!”

– Random fast walking stranger

Yes, yes it does.

You're going to love these:

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