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The Best Things To Do in NYC this Week (July 18, 2018)

Every week I try to visit some new venues and tell you about the best ones. So where has Josh been this week (especially after a whole week off, what the hell have I been doing!?)

Restaurant of the week

Do you like tasty little plates of food to share with others?

BarracaΒ is a fantastic little tapas place in the West Village that has all sorts of incredible food, great cocktails, reasonably priced wine and DELICIOUS tapas.

The traditional tapas is fantastic, and two people's worth will feed 3 with some extra tapas plates just perfectly.

Barraca NYC

Bar of the week

When I was walking home from Barraca, I stumbled across a great little jazz bar (which is somewhat hidden if you don't know what to look for)!

Little BranchΒ is a delightful little underground cozy spot for a tasty cocktail and some jazz. It doesn't fit too many people at a time but if you can get in, then I highly recommend it for a little three-piece with friends.

Little Branch

Tips from the locals

Every week I try to get the best tips from new and old people to New York City! Here's this week's:

“Reconnect with yourself and take a walk in a park, any park”Β – Greg C.

“The most lively sushi place is Sushi Roxx”

“NYC is full of scams… Watch out for the sharks…”

“Try something at least once”

“Keep networking!”


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