How and when to explain the E3 Visa to Potential Employers

This is the most difficult part of getting a job in the United States because you require work authorization. You will be constantly asked “are you permitted to work” and it’s a chicken and egg: “Yes I’m allowed to work if you offer me the job, but without the offer, no!”

For that reason it’s important that you detail what exactly is required of them:

  1. The visa requires an approved LCA which must be signed by the employer but can be filled in with your help and with the help of a lawyer, it takes 5-10 business days to return and takes approximately 30-90 minutes to fill in.
  2. The visa itself costs $205USD to apply for (and this can be paid by you or the employer)
  3. You will attend an interview, and be back and ready for work approximately two weeks after that.
  4. This visa is unique as it’s only for Australian citizens, is always available, and can be issued all throughout the year.
  5. The visa lasts for 2 years but if we want to, we can apply for another two years indefinitely at the end which requires me to leave the country and return (all within about 2 weeks).

When should you mention visas and sponsorship to employers?

The key is never to lie, but not to bring it up too early. The reason for this is that if it’s the first thing you mention, all they’re going to see is the (perceived) pain it will be to employ you as opposed to just how wonderful you are.

Go in to interviews knowing everything there is about the E3, know answers to questions (like you find on this website) and be armed and ready to discuss that you are happy to take the lead. Don’t dodge the question or be coy, that will only make you look dishonest.

The visa itself is not expensive or a big lift, however if the employer uses a lawyer (which they likely will and should) it will cost them a few thousand dolllars in legal fees. So go in knowing that and have a plan.