Getting a U.S. Visa in Italy 2022

Looking to get your US Visa at the US Embassy or Consulate in Italy?

Below you will find reviews from others who have, including turnaround times, and appointment wait times.

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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


2.5 days

999 days

2 reviews


 E-3 Renewal
2 Days
When you renew an E3 in Rome you have to submit all your paperwork via email first. I applied a month before I wanted an appointment and they reviewed everything within a week. They didn't have a lot of appointment availability but I was able to schedule an appointment time 2-3 weeks in advance. Everyone at the consulate was very nice.
- Jackie (about 5 years ago)


 E-3 Renewal
3 Days
E3 renewal Rome: - one extra step was involved. I had to email documents to the embassy before they would open up the ability to schedule an interview. - I had the first interview time at 830am and ecause the embassy had already seen my documents, I was in and out by 9:10am. - this consulate only opens up 2 days a week for interviews. - All I was asked st the window was, what do you do?Overall a really quick and easy process. I’ve renewed now in both Paris/Rome and never had any issues.
- Eddie (about 3 years ago)