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Monterrey, Mexico Consulate E-3 Visa Emergency Appointment Process 2024

Thanks to Eve for putting this together, a guide to what extra is required when getting an emergency appointment for a visa at a US Consulate in Monterrey, Mexico.

I requested an emergency appointment last Tuesday and I got approved on Wednesday with an appointment for fingerprints and photos the following Monday, and the actual visa appointment on Tuesday. When you print out the ds-160 confirmation there won’t be a photo it just says β€˜photos will be taken at the CAS’.

CAS Photos & Fingerprints Appointment

Monday: the CAS office is around the corner from the bank (they share the same building). Bring your passport and DS-160. They will check your bags and make you throw out water bottles FYI.

I walked into the building and joined a line only a few people long. When I got to the front of the line they looked at my documents and stamped my DS-160 confirmation and told me to go down the stairs to take my picture and get fingerprints.

I go downstairs to their basement and they take my picture for the visa and take all my fingerprints. They showed me the exit. All in all, this process took no more than 15-20 minutes.

Consulate Appointment

Tuesday: I am staying in the town of Nuevo LeΓ³n, about 15 mins drive from the Monterrey Consulate. I take an Uber there and you have to drop all your belongings off (all except your documents) at the flower shop next door for 50 pesos.

As I enter the consulate I am asked to wait in a line outside until I was called. They asked to see my documents and then told me to enter the building. I get through security (had to take off my sandals) and then I am ushered to the next building where I join yet another line.

I waited about 15 minutes and then I was called. The officer asked me what visa I am requesting and I said E3 Australian. He told me to follow his colleague where again I have to line up and this time I am standing there waiting for about 1hr 15 mins.

Make sure you have comfy shoes and it does get tiring!

I finally meet with the consular officer who asked for my passport, LCA, and DS-160 confirmation. He asked what I will be doing, where I live, what my salary will be and how long I will be in Monterrey. I asked to pick up my passport tomorrow and he said ok come here at 2pm and bring this ticket with you which will allow you to enter the building. All done!

Getting around Monterrey, Mexico

The main transportation is Uber and super cheap. Lots of really nice restaurants where you can eat like a king and only end up paying less than $100 USD for two people.