US Embassy Perth WA, Australia Reviews 2022

Looking to get your US Visa at the US Consulate Perth WA, Australia?

Below you will find reviews from others who have, including turnaround times, and appointment wait times.

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Perth WA, Australia


4 days

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 E-3 New
4 Days
Had a 24 day wait for the interview. Checked in on the day 15 minutes early on floor 4 (8:30am interview), security put our phones in a locker, then too us up to a higher floor, and took a ticket and sat down waiting to get called to one of the counters. After 5 to 10 minutes we were called up, asked for the DS-160 forms (mine and my Wife's), Passports, LCA, letter of offer, Marriage Certificate, Express post satchel, and degree. I don't have a degree and offered the equivalency assessment but was told to hang on to it. We were both finger scanned and told to sit back down and wait to be called. We waited about 15 minutes and were called to another counter, re-scanned one hand, asked when I started in my career (21 years ago), who I was going to work for and what they did. After only a few minutes there they told me we were approved, handed back most of the documents and to expect our Passports in 5 to 10 days. Tracking showed the Passports were posted at 14:03 that same afternoon and have the Passports 5 days later which included the weekend, otherwise I would have had them in 3 days. All were great people to deal with.
- Michael (about 12 months ago)