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 E-3 New
3 Days
I selected Brussels as it had the shortest wait time in relation to my location in London. The team at the US embassy in Brussels are super friendly and really helpful. Had an 8am appointment on a Thursday, got there at 7:45 and there was a line down the block. Thankfully they prioritised and let anyone in with an 8am appointment first. They asked for all the required documentation but was a very quick interview and was out by 8:30. Passport was available for pickup on Saturday (despite them saying it would take 4 days) from their courier depot in Vilvoorde. Took about 40 mins taxi ride from the city, and I advise you ask your taxi or Uber to wait for you as it really is in the middle of nowhere so getting one back is a bit challenging.
- Emily (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 New
1 Day
Extremely straightforward and easy. The accommodation was quite expensive at the time as it was short notice, I stayed at the Meininger Hotel/Hostel which was great. I chose to get an Uber to the Couriers which is approx 45 mins from the City Center. Cost 80 euros but was worth it considering the bad reviews regarding courier delivery. All in all this was a straight forward experience.
- Niall (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 New
2 Days
After reading all the reviews figured I should leave one of my own.. Was able to schedule appointment almost immediately, and flew in from the USA for my interview. My E3 was already approved in country but they approached it as if it was a regular application. The only questions they asked were "what is your role", and "salary?". Approved and ready for collection 2 days later even with appointment on a Thursday. Whole process 2 hours from arrival to completion - they dont get many E3 but even though it was my officers first one they were very efficient. Logistical tips: * Easy walk from train station Brussels Centraal * You can bring in phones and small bag to the consulate - just no laptops (I didnt realize and stashed everything in a locker at the train station) * You will need a photo. Other locations use your digital upload from DS160 but they want a physical photo. No big deal as there is a photobooth in the waiting room! * Scheduled pickup of passport at their location north of brussels. I was coming from NL so rented a car for the day and drove. Their address is wrong its actually two buildings farther down the street. Its very industrial - either drive yourself or have the Uber wait as its a 5 min process to collect passport.
- Mike (about 7 months ago)