Getting a U.S. Visa in France 2022

Looking to get your US Visa in France?

Below you will find reviews from others who have, including turnaround times, and appointment wait times.

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Paris, France


3 days

125 days

4 reviews


 E-3 Renewal
1 Day
E3 Paris review: Booked 15 Feb appointment on 29 Jan 9:15am appointment, arrived at Embassy 8:45am, went straight in. Line moved really fast. Very friendly interview. Questions: - What company are you going to work for? - What’s your job there? - What qualifications do you have? - How long do you plan on being in the US Visa approved on the spot Officer said the passport would be returned in 1 week. 24 hours later I received the email saying the passport was ready to be picked up.
- Tim (about 10 months ago)


 E-3 Renewal
3 Days
In and out of Embassy in 30 minutes. Just asked for LCA and job responsibilities
- (about 9 months ago)


 J-1 Renewal
5 Days
The whole process took 20-30 minutes. They did not ask why I was renewing in paris and not australia. They did not ask to see my confirmation page of my ds160. The j1 renewal was $105.00. It was very smooth, professional, friendly and quick!
- Sophie (about 4 months ago)


 H-1B Renewal
3 Days
There was a reciprocity fee that I had to pay on the spot, credit card (with ID) or exact cash only. Make sure you double check the amount.
- Paz (about 5 months ago)