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Recommended Rental & House Buying Brokers in the US

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to buying or renting a home, as what works best for one person may not be suitable for another. Consulting with a financial advisor or real estate professional can also be valuable in helping you navigate this important decision so we found some good ones!

Looking in New York? Rosa Murphy can help you find the perfect property, rentals, short or long term, furnished or unfurnished, or if you are ready to make the big buying plunge she is definitely the one to speak with. Rosa has over 30 years experience renting and selling Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate, mostly to foreign nationals, and she also just happens to be married to an Aussie! 

Looking in California? Jonathan Williams, originally from Melbourne Australia, is a seasoned professional in the US real estate game. With a familiar Aussie style and accent, he can help you find the perfect home in California or even help navigate that complex commercial deal. 

Looking in Austin? Whether assisting renters, home-buyers, or anyone in between, Bill Frost and the Mike Seder Group in Austin are dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals with confidence, success, and integrity. With a wealth of industry experience, Bill offers market expertise and a personalized experience to individuals seeking to buy or sell homes in the Austin area.. 

Our trusted partners understand the difficulties in moving to a new country and will go above and beyond to help find you the perfect place. So if you are ready to get going with finding your new home please complete the form below with a few simple details and they will be in touch. Note that this is a personalized service and you will only be contacted by the broker in your area โ€“ no spam from multiple brokers!

Other states โ€“ While our partners specialize in their states, they have reputable colleagues that they can connect you with all over the States so please complete the form, choose your state, and someone will be in touch to help.