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How to use your spare time effectively in NYC: Help your community in 2024

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Whether it's helping one person with their transition to America or helping an organization achieve their goals by writing about them, I'm always happy to do anything I can. Now it's your turn!

Melinda, a friend of America Josh, got in touch earlier today and asked:

I was wondering if you might be able to increase the visibility of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a food-rescue nonprofit that I work for. We're in need of volunteers to pick up leftovers from our partners and bring them to nearby homeless shelters as donations. Let me know if you can help us out!

The answer? Hell yeah, I can!

So here goes.

Did you know

2 BILLION PEOPLE could be fed yearly with the amount of food America throws away each year – that is enough to end food hunger, WORLDWIDE. Be a part of the solution and join Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to help deliver excess food to those who need it.

Who is Rescuing Leftover Cuisine?

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is a non-profit food rescue organization based in New York City that provides solutions to prevent excess wholesome cuisine from being wasted. RLC provides services such as food waste consulting, excess food delivery, co-branding services, and tax credit assistance.

How can you help?

RLC is in need of food rescuers who are willing to volunteer their time to support its mission of fighting food waste and food insecurity. Rescuers help bring food from RLC partners (restaurants, cafes, offices, and schools) to a local homeless shelter. It takes less than an hour and you can set your own schedule, whether you want to help out daily, weekly, or sporadically.

If you're very committed to these causes, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is especially looking for Lead Rescuers. These are volunteers who lead others on food rescue events, take attendance, and report the number of pounds of food rescued. All of the food rescue events are led by one, and they ensure that the rescued food arrives at its destination safely. They commit at least 1-2 hours a week for at least 4 months. Lead Rescuers also receive letters of participation on RLC's letterhead for proof of volunteering.

Get involved right now

To see our calendar and sign up for a food rescue event, head to

For more information or to become a Lead Rescuer, please email

Get off your butt, help someone in need.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

Josh is a business founding, digital marketing focused, charity driving, community builder from South Australia, living in New York City. After moving in 2017, Josh realized that there was an opportunity to curate and help the community of expats who moved to the United States – and launched America Josh. Josh is also the President of Variety – the Children's Charity of New York, Secretary at The Mateship Foundation, and Founder & CEO at Fortnight Digital.View Author posts

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