I’m throwing a party! It’s the holidays, so I want to celebrate with you and have a drink in the East Village (if that’s what you’d like) with lots of new friends. Whether you’re new to the city, old to the city, or just passing by, come along and bring a friend!

This is a chance for you to meet some new friends, have a quick drink, and celebrate the season.

There are no conditions, just click this link to register for the event and get all the details!

What is Drinks with New Friends?

Since moving to NYC and starting America Josh to try and help those new to NYC, I’ve met some really awesome people one-on-one.

Some of the people I’ve met have had specific questions they needed help with, but many were simply eager to chat, make a new friend, and have something to do in a big new city where they don’t have (m)any friends.

So, I want to help more with that by starting “Dinner with New Friends” and “Drinks with New Friends”.

There’s really nothing more to it! This isn’t a multi-level-marketing scheme where I try to sell you my magic berries at the end of dinner. I just love the idea of more people getting to know more people.

If you’re interested, come along, bring a friend, everyone is welcome!