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9 Awesome Things To Do In New York’s Spring in 2024

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Spring is finally here, which means you can now venture outside and enjoy the sunshine. So what should you be doing to take best advantage of it? I've found nine things that everyone should be doing before it gets too hot, and you should definitely make an effort to get through!

While writing this, I'm watching David Attenborough (Planet Earth 2) talk about New York City, did you know that the Peregrine Falcons are everywhere in the city!? The big buildings help them get the height, and the thermals from the concrete let the birds soar over the city! NOW ONE IS CHASING A PIGEON.

9. Go to the baseball (“a baseball game”)

Sitting and watching the baseball gets REALLY hot in the summer, so you should go now! You can check out either the Yankees (at Yankee Statdium) or the Mets (at Citi Field).

The Yankees games will generally cost you more, but Yankee Stadium is definitely worth checking out at least once. The Mets Stadium (Citi Field) is so much fun and will cost you less in general. I can't recommend it enough for a night out with friends (even during the week).

When you're there, instead of a hot dog, get a (sweet) sausage with peppers and onions. I love mine with ketchup AND mustard, but apparently, I'm a monster for having both.

Check out StubHub and SeatGeek for tickets.

8. Visit the New York Botanical Garden

Sure. It's just flowers. But HAVE YOU SEEN THEM!? It's up in The Bronx,

There are all sorts of shows available throughout the season (and beyond) and make for a lovely day out if you just want to stroll and take in some colors. If you have IDNYC, it's free!

7. Shakespeare in the Park

Speaking of free… THIS IS FREE TOO! So many good free things.

From June 8 to August 6, it's Hamlet!

Returning once again to Free Shakespeare in the Park, director Kenny Leon commands The Delacorte stage with a nine-week, tour-de-force production of the Bard’s masterpiece, HAMLET, a riveting, contemporary present-day take on Shakespeare’s classic tale of family and betrayal, as enduring as the stars above Central Park. 

Hamlet is arguably the greatest play in the Western canon, and I am thrilled that Kenny Leon will be helming this summer's production. As he demonstrated with his brilliant production of Much Ado About Nothing, Kenny has an expert way of making Shakespeare come alive in a contemporary American context, illuminating these great works while also reimagining them for our times and our country,” said Public Theater Artistic Director Oskar Eustis. “Hamlet will be a beautiful salute to the city as we head into a season where we will be renewing and renovating our beautiful home, The Delacorte Theater.”

To acquire tickets, you must have a Public Theater Patron ID. Please visit to check your account status or to create your Public Theater ID.

There's more about their free tickets on the website and it's popular so you may have to put in a LITTLE work to get them.

6. Frieze Art Fair

Do you want to be at the forefront of art and look cool to all of the people who are not in New York? Here's how:

The 11th edition will bring together world-leading galleries from 27 countries at The Shed, alongside a program that celebrates New York's pivotal non-profits and institutions

You get to see a place you probably haven't seen before, AND so much amazing art.

5. Five Boro(ugh) Craft Beer Festival

So I haven't actually been to this one but their website says:


This Beer Fest is UNLIKE any other Fest you've EVER Been to!

Their website also says “All tickets are VIP” so you know…

There are so many breweries involved, it's on May 18, and you can buy tickets right now.

4. Dance Party in Bryant Park

Did you even know that there is a dance party in Bryant Park EVERY WEEK!? There's instructions, there's live music, and there's loads of people having just a fine old time.

From their website:

Dance Party, hosted and produced by Talia Castro-Pozo, includes live bands and expert dance instruction for a memorable night of dancing on select Wednesday evenings. All ages are welcome to explore a different dance genre each week. “Notable instructors plus amazing live music” (TimeOut New York) makes Dance Party a can’t miss event.

If you see me Salsa'ing, or Contra'ing, or Cumbia'ing (?), be sure to say hello!

3. Rooftop Bars

In general, take advantage of the rooftop bars of New York City.

You will want to in summer, but that's when all the tourists are here, and when it gets too hot to properly enjoy a sit-down. So get in early when it's just becoming nice!

You could even enjoy a popsicle in a drink at the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar (although I wouldn't say the drinks were “reasonably” priced, so expect to pay for the view and the drink – it's pretty fun)!

2. Queens Night Market

This one is a really, really good idea for families, for friends, for couples, or even if you just want to enjoy some food on your own.

I'll let them tell you what they do, because they know best:

The Queens International Night Market is a large, family-friendly open-air night market in Queens, featuring up to 100 independent vendors selling merchandise, art, and food and featuring small-scale cultural performances, all celebrating the rich cultural diversity and heritage of NYC and Queens.

Basically, there's so much food and fun going on at once, all throughout the Spring, you will love every moment of Queens.

Not to be missed! Bring me back something tasty!

1. Be Outside

Now. You're either going to love me or hate me for this #1. But the best advice: GET OUTSIDE!

This city becomes warmer, and greener, and more colorful in spring, especially after a long and cold and gray and blerk winter.

Get out there, sit in a park, eat a bagel, enjoy a cold brew, and watch the world go by for a few minutes.

I can recommend eating a Tompkins Square Bagel, in Tompkins Square Park, while sitting next to the dog park slightly East of central in the park. It's one of the best things you can do with a day.

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