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Aussie film BILCHED screening at Chelsea Film Fest 2019

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There's an Australian movie at the Chelsea Film Fest this year and you can go and watch it! Hal Cumpston and his dad have shot this film themselves and would love to share it with as many Aussies (and everyone else) as possible at the screening this weekend.

Bilched is a coming of age film set around Sydney's eastern beaches written by, directed and starring Hal Cumpston (age 18).

How can you watch Bilched?

Its WORLD PREMIERE screening on Sunday 20th October at the Chelsea Film Festival (AMC Loews on 34th street) at 1pm! For more information and to get tickets, go here!

Watch the Bilched Trailer!

P.S. Based on this film, Hal now has a leading role in the upcoming “Walking Dead” spinoff!

What's the film about?

Bilched is an iconic Australian teen comedy following best mates Hal and Matt during their final days of high school. Raw, hilarious and touching, 19-year old Hal Cumpston’s brilliant writing, producing and acting debut perfectly captures the banter and laconic humor of Australian youth on the cusp of adulthood.

Something a bit more descriptive you ask? Well, I'll let them tell you!

Enter Hal's world of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs where 20 years of insane increases in property prices has realized a weirdly dichotomous socio-economic melting pot.

Here, amidst the pristine beaches, parks and gullies of Bondi, Tama, Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra live the exceptionally rich yuppie newcomers, often nestled next door to the original “old school” low to middle class “tradie” community. The rivalry, tensions and humour that spring from the glaringly obvious differences between the haves and have nots only serves to increase the pressure of the life choices these young men and women have to make – choose the path in life that guarantees them a “place at the table”, or follow your heart and chase your dreams.

The audience will be bustled along a wild ride with our sleepy anti-hero Hal's final days of year 12, where the normally studious and responsible elder sibling of a one parent family has been granted the chance to finally let his hair down. Suddenly (and unexpectedly) Hal is also faced with the opportunity to chase his dreams by auditioning at the age of only 17 for the prestigious National Academy of Performing Arts. Overwhelmed, Hal initially chooses (out of fear of failure) to ignore the moment afforded to him and opt for the patently ridiculous option of partying all night.

Along with his hilarious slacker besties and larrikin footy mates (and the surprise appearances of his two younger brothers exploring their own particular stages of adolescence), a night of teenage chaos ensues.

By nights end, Hal has learned not only who he is, what he might achieve (with a little help from his friends) but learns to own what he truly wants – and the courage required to chase his dream. He might even get the girl.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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