Crack out your Christmas hats and dust off your Dreidels, it’s time for Holiday Drinks with New Friends! Holiday Drinks with New Friends (by America Josh) is your chance to embrace the holiday spirit with people from all over the city and all over the world!

Bring your friends, invite your neighbors, and make that first Tinder date special, it’s going to be fun for all ages (as long as those ages are 21+).

Drop by, have a drink, eat a taco, and pretend like it’s not freezing cold outside.

Whether you’re new to New York, or have lived here forever, this is the Holiday Drinks where you’ll leave with more friends than you arrived with.

Tickets available online, just click here to grab your free ticket and check out the event on Facebook!

I love hosting parties, and the holiday season is my most favorite of all so know that I’ll be wearing something bright and festive and if you’re feeling bright and cheery as well, so should you!