The Best Coworking Space in NYC

So back in November, 2017 I wrote an article about “Co-working space in NYC“, and I’m going to up the ante (because I’ve now been a member for about a year and it’s time to renew my vows).

Co-working in New York is obviously essential because of the lack of space. Nobody wants to sit in their apartment so that’s not even an option, and cafes are getting more and more hectic every week. So you’re presented with quite a range of options and they each have their pros and cons. For me, starting out, price was everything. WeWork is fantastic but I just couldn’t justify the $500-600 per month to simply have access to a location, so I started looking around and actually found KettleSpace on an Instagram ad (I know). What have I found?

KettleSpace is the best coworking space in NYC, here’s why:

  1. It’s $99 a month for unlimited access to all locations – Seriously, that is cheaper than buying one coffee a day at a café so you can sit and use their crappy wifi and have people bumping into you on a rickety old table all day;
  2. You get access to ALL 6 different locations throughout the city (ranked in order of where I am normally)
    1. Barr Barr – Bowery
    2. Distilled NY – Tribeca
    3. Mykonos Blue Grill – Flatiron
    4. Diviera Drive – Williamsburg
    5. Hotel Chantelle – Lower East Side
    6. Jue Lan Club – Flatiron
    7. The Cannibal Liquor House – Nomad
    8. The Ribbon – Upper West Side
    9. Hotel RL – Bushwick/Bed Stuy
  3. If you refer someone (like me, by using the code JPUGH) you get 50% off your first month, and so does the person you referred (UPDATE: THIS WEEK ONLY YOU GET A WHOLE MONTH FREE);
  4. They’ve taken what are restaurants during the evening and turned them into co-working spaces during the day… It’s genius and you know it. We all wished we thought of it first.
  5. You get unlimited coffee, tea, water, and snacks. Every day.
  6. There are community managers who will welcome you and connect you to likeminded awesome people (if you want them to – they can also just leave you alone with your noise-canceling headphones); AND
  7. You get access to all sorts of members-only events and speakers every week (like people who will help you raise capital, or market better, or sell better, or be better).

If that’s not enough reason then check out the handsome bloke on the homepage, front-and-center.

It’s up to you to find the place that fits you best, but for me, KettleSpace started as a free week trial and I’ve been here almost every working day since.

To get your free trial for a week head to and enter the Discount Code: JPUGH

Just a note, too: I didn’t get paid to write this, and I’m under no obligation to do so. I genuinely just think it’s the best deal, and the best bunch of people going round. The only benefit I get is if you sign up using the referral code JPUGH then I get 50% off a month (THIS WEEK ONLY) of my subscription… So that’d be nice!

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