With the limited amount of space in New York City, there are plenty of spaces available that you can share with others, in place of your own office.

Obviously, cafés are always available to you and you’ll no doubt see countless laptops at most, but you do sometimes feel guilty taking up space for extended periods of the day and there are some great options around!

KettleSpace, a co-working space that uses restaurants and bars that are normally open only throughout evenings that they’ve converted into space throughout the day.

They now have NINE locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn which all offer coffee, tea, snacks, WiFi, and power; all in a friendly and quiet environment:

  1. Barr Barr – Bowery
  2. Distilled NY – Tribeca
  3. Merakia – Flatiron
  4. Blackbarn – NoMad
  5. Ela – Williamsburg
  6. Sarabeth’s Park Ave – Park Avenue South
  7. The Ribbon – Upper West Side
  8. The Ribbon – Times Square
  9. Hotel RL – Bushwick/Bed Stuy

If you’re interested in coming along, be sure to check out their FREE one-week trial and use the code AMERICAJOSH to get 50% off your first month (and gets something nice for me too)!

But KettleSpace isn’t the only option around there! I’ve also got good things to say about venues like WeWork, one of the pioneers (and biggest) in co-working space, for those looking for something more substantial.

Have you used others and loved them? Let me know below and I’ll add it to our list!

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America Josh

I had a fantastic life in Adelaide and in Australia but thought in late 2015 that it was time to do something new. I handed over control of my company, sold my house, car, and even gave away my cat (“Aslan”) to start on my journey to New York.

I arrived in New York on January 10, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia and in March 2017, I started America Josh to help make the transition to the US from wherever you’re from just a little bit easier.

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