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A better way to find a room or a roommate in NYC

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I'm looking for a new apartment. I may as well start there!

I currently live in a three bedroom with two other people and I'm ideally looking for two things:

  • An outdoor area of some type (rooftop, garden, cracked skylight);
  • A clean and simple two (real,Β Queen sized) bedroom place in the East Village.

(So if you have a beautiful two-bed space with an empty room; call me!)

After using all the standard sites like Zillow, StreetEasy, Trulia, Craigslist, Naked Apartments, and the Listings Project, I realized that the process on all of them is virtually the same. You fill out how much you want to spend and in what area you want to live and then read through the tens, hundreds, or thousands of posts that are available. Some people actually give you an idea of what the apartment is all about (with a photo to match) but others take three photos of their feet and describe it as “Uniquely New York” and leave the rest to chance.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a better way?

Well… I think there is a better way!

I think we can build a network of people who are looking for rooms and a network of people who have rooms, and we can connect them without the lists. It'll ask a few more questions about things like cleanliness and household activities, but it will match you with the best person going round.

Most importantly, it will sit in the background looking for you while you look through the lists, and if it finds something perfect, it will let you (and them) know in a simple email.

If you're interested, now or in the future

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

Josh is a business founding, digital marketing focused, charity driving, community builder from South Australia, living in New York City. After moving in 2017, Josh realized that there was an opportunity to curate and help the community of expats who moved to the United States – and launched America Josh. Josh is also the President of Variety – the Children's Charity of New York, Secretary at The Mateship Foundation, and Founder & CEO at Fortnight Digital.View Author posts

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