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The best non-alcoholic drinks for your favorite cocktails in 2024

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Something you hear often these days is that COVID really did a number on how much we all drink in our day to day lives. Doctors always suggest that less is better but it can be harder than just deciding to go cold turkey. So what are the options out there if you want to try something non-alcoholic?

I started looking into some options that were available around the internet to find some options so that I could still sit and enjoy my evening scotch or prepare a cocktail if I'm looking to sit and sip on something and I found some great options out and about which I've come to really enjoy.

What I looked for in a non-alcoholic alternative

One thing I realized quickly is that if a drink is trying to directly imitate a spirit that you like to sit and sip, it's much more difficult and in many cases it's not as good but mostly because you've got something in your mind that you know very well.

But for the cocktail mixers and for something to enjoy on a hot (or cold) day in a taller glass, there are some great options out there for you!

They break into two groups: Non-alcoholic products that replace your staple alcohol inclusions, and Non-alcoholic products that invent something completely new.

Non-alcoholic products that replace your staple alcohol inclusions

While it's difficult to replace a alcohol taken neat that you've come to adore late at night, a cocktail that requires a gin, or a whiskey or a mezcal in a recipe of ingredients does have options.

Meet Monday or “Drink Monday” the “award-winning” alternative to alcohol for Whiskey, Mezcal, and Gin (with more right around the corner).

They might not taste EXACTLY like the real product, but from my experimenting they're pretty close and work especially well when mixing something that needs those flavors. We've got a bottle of gin on our bar cart that sits nicely at the front (because the bottle doesn't scream NON ALCOHOLIC either – it's very pretty).

For a deal you can check out a Variety Pack for 1 Whiskey and 1 Gin for $74 (saving $24) for all the people who didn't find it through me!

You can also check out their website here.

Non-alcoholic products that invent something completely new

So now you've met the ones you know, here's the one you don't. Welcome to Three Spirit!

The idea behind Three Spirit is that instead of trying to imitate the drinks you already know, they've invented their own flavors: Nightcap, Liverner, and Social Elixir.

Nightcap is delicious. Livener I've used in some great cocktails, and Social Elixir isn't my favorite but friends have liked what I've made with it so I'll count that as a win too.

Here's why I love Nightcap: Because it imitates a scotch, without pretending to be scotch.

I love sitting down at the end of a long day and putting a big piece of ice in a glass and adding a measure of scotch, but that's not always a great idea on a weekday.

Nightcap has replaced the bite of a sipping whiskey with ginger, and hasn't pushed down the fruity path so it fills the space that you want it to.

If you haven't already worked it out, I'm a big fan of the drink and think you might like it too! If you want to try it out, you get 15% off if you use this link to order one and you can also use the code AMERICAJOSH at checkout.

Let me know in the comments below what you think.

For something new and exciting you can also look into Cannabis Cocktails

This is a whole new space and something that I had not explored until the awesome people at Flyers got in touch and said they had some pretty delicious drinks for me to try (and they were right).

During the start  of Covid climate, we drank often. Our mother’s would say, too often. 

Tired of sacrificing days and mental wellbeing to dreaded hangovers, we took matters into our own hands (and mouths) to seek a better choice.

Flyers make Non-Alc Sparkling CBD Cocktails in three different flavors: Sydney Spritz (My favorite – Botanical Bitters & Mandarin), Tokyo Marg (Yuzu, Bitter Orange, & Chili), and BKLN Gold (Oak, Vanilla, and Bitters).

Delicious, refreshing, and a fun alternative instead of drinking an alcoholic cocktail. They're all unique, all different, and work well on a hot day especially.

They can be delivered to 35 of the 50 US states and enjoyed from the comfort of your very own home.

The Cannabis space is a real up and comer and it's exciting to see something new and exciting in the cocktail space (that still have a buzz without the booze):

Buzzed but not boozed. Flyers Cocktails use a full spectrum hemp that includes cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which help boost a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness.

If you've got questions about these types of drinks, then you should check out their FAQ!

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Josh Pugh

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