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Where to Find Australian Gifts in the USA in 2024 – The Ultimate Australian Gift Guide

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When it comes to gift-giving in the USA, Australian gifts have the upper hand. From fresh Australian native bouquets to Aussie-themed homewares and art, to cute kid’s clothing inspired by Aussie wildlife, there’s no better way to share a little piece of our favorite island home.

Our gift guide offers more than 25 unique Aussie gifts for all your favorite Americans including mates, teachers, and VIPs. Use it to cater your next work function, Superbowl party, or holiday get together. Or if you’re reading this from Australia, surprise a homesick Aussie expat in the USA with a care package that says, “we know you STILL call Australia home”. Hint! Hint!

Skip the generic drugstore gift basket and instead support Australian small business owners and expat entrepreneurs in the USA. The businesses listed below offer online ordering and ship across the United States.

Here’s where to find Australian gifts in the USA, jump ahead to shop for Aussie gifts in each category:

Australian Homewares and Art in the US

Australian themed stickers, mugs, and giftware from ArtxAB

From mugs to bumper stickers, share a little ray of Australian-style sunshine and gratitude to your coworkers, teachers, and friends with products created by 5-star Aussie designer in South Carolina, Ashleigh Boone of ArtxAB. Honk if you love Ashleigh’s work!

Australian themed stickers, mugs, and giftware from ArtxAB

Australian wildflower bouquets from Gumnut Gatherings

Say it with a fragrant bouquet, wildflower wreath, or aromatherapy shower bundle of unique Australian native flora. Eucalyptus, kangaroo paw, wattle, banksias, and more are exquisitely arranged by San Diego-based wedding planner and marriage officiant, Skii. A perfect pick-me-up for the hard-working teachers, stressed-out loved ones, or homesick Aussie expats in your life!

Hand-made porcelain and homeware by Mud Australia

Add a touch of the laid-back Australian lifestyle to your home, with the timeless and minimalist aesthetic of kitchen, table, and homewares from Mud Australia. Choose from primary pops of colors or earthy neutrals inspired by the Outback. Handcrafted pieces incorporate sustainable design such as the use of recycled clay and eco-friendly packaging.

Australian themed embroidery with a modern twist by Neon Stitch Club

Marketing maven and style Queen in Queens, Tarley Jordan, takes Aussie motifs to a new dimension with the bold, psychedelic colors of Neon Stitch Club. Vibrant magenta, electric blue, and indomitable chartreuse set the scene for abstract, adventurous, and unapologetically audacious Aussie-ish designs. 

Australian themed embroidery with a modern twist by Neon Stitch Club

Australian Skin, Body, and Hair Care Products in America

Unisex fragrances by Raw Spirit

The Australian spirit of adventure is reflected in the sustainable, cruelty-free fragrances of Raw Spirit. Fragrancier, Perth-born CEO and Co-founder, Joyce Lanigan has created gifts inspired from all around the globe including sunset in the Australian desert and evenings on the tropical shores of Bali.

Vegan skin, body, and hair care products by Aesop

Treat yourself from head to toe with luxe vegan and cruelty-free formulations from Aesop, which has expanded from its Melbourne HQ to New York’s “Little Australia” district, Nolita. Gift sets and travel kits make the perfect portable present for adventurous expats and the company they keep.

Australian owned skin care range by Jindilli

Australian owned skin care range made using oil from Australian grown macadamias. Including luxurious body/hair oil and TSA approved body lotion. Also have a healthier food oil for adding buttery flavors to any dish.

Australian Philanthropy Organizations based in America

Help Manus and Nauru refugees resettled in the USA through Ads-Up

Stuck on a gift for someone who has everything? Gift a donation in their honor to someone who has very little. The Ads-Up Refugee Network is powered by Aussie volunteers in the USA. They support Manus and Nauru refugees resettled in the USA after being held in detention by the Australian government, sometimes for years. Your donation provides school supplies, clothing, healthcare, dental care, and more to help men, women, and children build a new life.

Help Manus and Nauru refugees resettled in the USA through Ads-Up

Australian Books available in the US

Island Time, a fun and feel-good read by Georgia Clark

If you can’t be in Australia right now, live vicariously through a steamy rom-com from Brooklyn-based Australian author, Georgia Clark. Her sixth novel, Island Time, was written during lockdown and is set against the backdrop of a tropical Aussie island paradise. 

Island Time, a fun and feel-good read by Georgia Clark

For art lovers: an exploration of Australian art history by Kate R. Robertson

Australians have always traveled. The artists in this book were lured abroad by the promise of wondrous opportunities, but their Australian-ness was a constant. Identity, Community and Australian Artists, 1890-1914: Paris, London, and Further Afield, is the result of more than a decade of work by Brooklyn-based Aussie author, Kate R. Robertson.

Australian Kids’ Clothing, Books, and Toys

Educational books and toys by Big World of Little Dude

As any Australian parent can attest, dogs with social and emotional intelligence are having a moment. Introducing Little Dude! The adorable therapy dog of Sydney born-author and educator, Cara Zelas, inspired her to create educational platform, Big World of Little Dude, to teach kindness to children all over the world.

Baby onesies with zippers by Little Zips

Know a new parent in the USA? Gift them game-changing baby onesies from Little Zips, founded by Aus-merican couple Sarah and Tom. Their oh-so-soft, stylish, zippered onesies with beautiful motifs such as purple eucalyptus, will have parents and caregivers zipping through diaper (or is that nappy?) changes faster than they can say “best gift EVER!”.

Baby onesies with zippers by Little Zips
Credit K.D Elise Photography

Your favorite Australian and New Zealand designer kids’ clothes by The Little Kiwi Co.

Add a splash of Australia to your little joey’s world with an Outback swaddle, a Britta classic koala purse, or books with Australian wildlife, Hailing from Australia with a stint in New Zealand, founder Erica now passionately supports small Aussie and Kiwi clothing designers by making their kids clothing, linen, accessories, and toys available in the USA. 

Australian Jewelry and Fashion available in America

Hand-made jewelry and homewares by Dinosaur Designs

Add a splash of color to your world with a unique, resin statement piece handcrafted by Dinosaur Designs. Through an enduring creative and personal partnership, Aussies Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have brought their signature designs from Sydney to Melbourne, London, and New York.

Stylish women’s fashion by Scanlan Theodore

After receiving endless compliments on their modern, elegant workwear, two Australian women working in finance, Melinda Robertson and Sarah Blank, brought Scanlan Theodore over to the United States. Several pieces from this iconic brand are made with merino wool, sourced from the very best Australian merino farms. 

Future-facing denim, streetwear, and accessories by Ksubi

Ditch your daggy duds for signature denim jeans, distressed streetwear, and cult-classic accessories from globally revered Aussie brand, Ksubi. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with the ranks of punk, grunge, and slacker sub-cultures—and celebrities—when you strut your stuff in Ksubi. 

Hand-crafted menswear by Joe Bananas

The unique, natural beauty of Australia is captured in the high quality and limited edition casual menswear by Joe Bananas. It’s a family-owned and operated business, with brothers-in-law, Kim and Evan, bringing the label to New York City. Whether it’s a Jacaranda jacket, a Sydney blue linen shirt, or bougainvillea resort shorts, you’ll wear your Oz cultural heritage with pride and individuality.

Australian Edible Artisanal Gifts

Australian slices from Boomerang Bites

Enjoy traditional baked Aussie slices from your childhood including caramel, passionfruit, and Anzac slices. NJ-based artisanal bakery Boomerang Bites was founded by Andrea Rizvi. These beautifully gift-boxed, bite-sized treats are the perfect present to share “goodness that gives back” with that special someone in your life!

Australian slices from Boomerang Bites

Home-baked Australian goods from Katie’s Old Fashioned

Recapture the nostalgia of long hot Aussie summers helping Mum in the kitchen (and licking the Tupperware bowl), to the backdrop of kookaburras laughing, with some hand-baked Aussie biscuits, cakes, and slices. Enjoy gingerbread kangaroos and Australia-shaped biscuits as-is or set your little joeys up with a project to decorate them. Or monte carlos, melting moments, or coconut balls hand-made by Catherine, from Tennessee-based Katie’s Old Fashioned. 

Tahini and halva from Seed + Mill

The rich, multi-cultural diversity of Australia comes to life in these beautiful gift-boxes of tahini and halva. Fittingly, the founders of New York City-based, Seed+ Mill, grew up in three different countries, including Rachel from Sydney and daughter of Aussie immigrants.

Tahini and halva from Seed + Mill

Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen

According to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, co-founded by Aussie, Laura O’Neill, “a life without anything good is bad”. Pretty sure that includes their ice cream, vegan ice cream, and bars with flavors including salted caramel, passionfruit, and rocky road that ships all across the USA. And their scoop trucks and carts to cater your next event in LA or NYC. Enjoy!

Australian biscuits, lollies, and snacks from Treats From Oz

Munchie alert: Carmello Koalas, Tim Tams, Barbecue Shapes, Burger Rings. Satisfy your cravings and care packages with affordable Australian goodies from Treats from Oz, founded by Aus-merican couple Leslie and Andrew.

Australian Cocktails and Coffee

Non-alcoholic, sparkling CBD cocktails by Flyers Cocktail Co. 

Toss the hangover turbulence and instead cruise along with a low-calorie, alcohol-free, sparkling cannabis cocktail made with high functioning full-spectrum hemp CBD. Born out of the Covid climate, Flyers was founded by NYC-based Aussie thrill-seekers Miles, Lewie, and Damon with award-winning Mixologist, Ivy-Mix. 

Non-alcoholic, sparkling CBD cocktails by Flyers Cocktail Co. 

Fresh roasted coffee to order by The Kookaburra Coffee

America runs on it but if you want to find really great coffee ask an Aussie. Or better yet, pick up fresh coffee roasted to order from The Kookaburra Roastery, founded by Florida-based Aussies who also run the popular Kookaburra Cafe coffee shops. Imagine the fun you’ll have gifting the Drop Bear Espresso {maniacal smile} or some of their cute Aussie-themed merch.

More Australian coffee in the USA

Bricks and mortar Aussie coffee shops in the USA are springing up like lantana! Many offer gift cards and online ordering for ground coffee and merch so check individual websites. Here’s where to find Australian coffee shops In New York and the best Australian cafes in Los Angeles.

Australian Lamingtons, Meat Pies, and Sausage Rolls

Great news: there are oh-so many suppliers of Australian baked goods, meat pies, and sausage rolls in the United States! And in the spirit of Aussie mateship, it’s a case of the more the merrier. For your next work or social function, skip the fast food, and instead order from these gourmet artisans.

Meat pies, baked goods and sausages from Aussie Pies and Sausages

Why wait till election day to grab a democracy sausage? Melbourne-raised Jay Jay of 2021 Joshie Award winner, Aussie Pies and Sausages, ships Australian-style sausages, meat pies, pies, and sausage rolls across the USA. All orders are freshly baked from scratch and there are vegan and vegetarian options. You little ripper!

Meat pies, baked goods and sausages from Aussie Pies and Sausages

Lamingtons, meat pies, and sausage rolls from Australian Bakery Cafe

Are you craving lamingtons? Australian meat pies? Sausage rolls? Get ‘em all, shipped from Georgia bakery, Australian Bakery Cafe, run by Mark and Neville. Party packs and individual baked goods can be ordered online and shipped across the USA.

Baked goods and artisanal bread from Bourke Street Bakery

3 words: mega lamington cake. 3 letters: O. M. G. But wait there’s more! Organic sourdough bread, custard tarts, quiche, frozen pies and sausage rolls, plus many vegan options. And they’re all ready to be shipped to you across the USA. Originating in Sydney, Bourke Street Bakery made it to New York under the steam of owner Paul Allam. 

Baked goods and artisanal bread from Bourke Street Bakery

Meat pies from Waltzing Kangaroo

Australian meat pies so good they’ve been immortalized by author Deborah Bouziden in 100 Things to Do in Fort Collins Before You Die. From steak to beef stroganoff to shepherd’s, get all your favorite made-from-scratch Aussie meat pies shipped frozen to you anywhere in the United States. Mae and Steve Phillips started Colorado-based restaurant, Waltzing Kangaroo, to share their hand-made, artisanal Aussie pies across the USA. Mission accomplished! 

Meat pies from DUB Pies

Shout out to our Kiwi neighbors! Brooklyn-based DUB Pies offer hand-made New Zealand and Aussie style savory pies including Australian meat pies, vegan and vegetarian pies, and sausage rolls. Founder and chief pie-man, Gareth, recently announced DUB Pies will be winding down in the coming months, so get a piece of the legendary pie while it lasts!

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