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The Best Hotel in Barbados (especially for E3 Visa Trips) in 2024

Picking a hotel anywhere is difficult and that's especially true when you know nothing about the country, and have lots of other things to worry about (like U.S. immigration issues). So let me make picking your hotel in Barbados much easier; with the best one.

Barbados was BEAUTIFUL and everything we had expected and hoped for. I've already written about the process of renewing an E-3 visa in Barbados, so if you're looking for information on the visa process then you should definitely head over there.

One question I have been asked over and over though since writing that article was “Which hotel did you stay at in Barbados!?”

So where did we stay in Barbados and how did we pick it?

As every person does, we jumped on every review app or site that we could find and came to the same conclusion: There are too many review sites.

It's too difficult to distill down to a few good hotels without reading about any minor grievances that people might have had, so we decided instead to pick an area and work through what we thought looked best from photos and websites (while also checking the reviews just a little, we're not crazy people).

We wanted it to look a little something like this…

E3 Visa Barbados Ocean Two Hotel Resort Pina Colada

Areas of Barbados and the best Hotels

If I were to divide up Barbados into some crude sections (and yes, I know there are lots of things I've not considered) I'd do it like this:

  • Bridgetown (Southern central coast) – A cool area with a bustling nightlife and some great cultural spirit. It's not a big city, but it does put on a show for tourists and locals alike. It's safe, it's friendly, and it's inviting. You'll find lots of AirBnB's, and lots of ranges in hotels available.
  • South Coast – Surrounding Bridgetown, the South coast is lined with bars and restaurants (St. Lawrence Gap is a real hub for it) and is great for the independent traveler who wants to mingle with the locals. It's beach-y, it's tropical, it's a “cool” and popular part of town filled with resorts and pools and some of the prices will reflect that – this is where Ocean Two is, keep reading below.
  • East Coast – This is a completely different feel, it's more removed, it's rustic, it's cliffs, it's where you go if you don't want to be part of the nightlife and just want to get away from everything. There are all sorts of different places to stay and you should be able to find somewhere to watch the world go by that fits you.
  • West Coast – This is where it gets really fancy. The really nice restaurants, the villas, and the resorts to go with them are dotted down the West, which is apparently sometimes referred to as the “Platinum Coast”. You're going to need some money to stay over here but it's well worth it if you can.
  • North Coast – Honestly, I don't know what's up there.

Our aim for this trip was to sit on a beach drinking cocktails, while also being able to travel into a more central area for dinner in the evening.

This meant that, from the list above, we were focused on the South Coast. We also wanted this trip to be a little fancy and to spoil ourselves, but not too much.

So where did we stay? The best hotel in Barbados!

We picked Ocean Two Resort!

So why did we pick Ocean Two? To be honest, it came down to a few simple things:

  • The deal looked good (value for money is obviously always going to be something that we try for);
  • The photos looked beautiful (these photos are all mine which look great, but you should see the professional ones); and
  • It was close to the action and region that we wanted to be near.

Melissa, from Ocean Two, described it like this:

“This area is known for its local atmosphere and authenticity. There's so much activity in Barbados and you're right in the middle of it here”

E3 Visa Barbados Ocean Two Hotel Resort

Our stay at Ocean Two Resort, Barbados

We were welcomed with cocktails, refreshing air-conditioning, and a seat while we sorted out our room for the week, and from the second we arrived we felt like we'd found the right place for us.

The rooms are modern and well equipped with everything you could possibly need, the buffet breakfast was delicious every morning (coconut bread is the best), the air-conditioning kept us chilly in the evenings for a night of great sleep, and the cocktails were plentiful.

The staff were the real game-changer though, they were all sensational.

Jean-Marc's Piรฑa Coladas and house-made rum punch are worth trying (every day) and Damien, our main man on the beach, takes all your orders, checks in regularly (but not too much) about how we were going, and was quick with complimentary ice blocks, and cold water throughout the day.

Smiles and laughs all round.

Honestly, all I did for the week was sit on the beach out the front of the resort and read books, which is VERY unlike me.

So basically, If you're looking for an experience sitting on the beach doing as little as possible with the first (of three) cocktail happy hour from 11-12pm then this place is well worth it.

E3 Visa Barbados Ocean Two Hotel Resort Wine

A special deal for you at Ocean Two

For those of you reading here, Ocean Two has offered a great deal for America Josh readers! Whether you're going to Barbados for a visa renewal, or just want to visit the beautiful island.

Click here to go to Ocean Two's Website and enter AMERICAJOSH in the “Promotion Code” box at checkout for 15% off the best rates.

In addition to all the lovely elements that come with being in Barbados, you can signup for the America Josh Guide to Getting a Visa in Barbados which includes all of my recommendations and steps for your trip!

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in your details and I'll forward the package onto you!

If you do head to Ocean Two Resort Barbados, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below or send me an email!

To clarify, I wasn't paid anything to write this post, I just loved my time at the resort and know how hard it is to pick from all of the options!

Terms & conditions apply and offer is subject to availability and time of year.

E3 Visa Barbados Ocean Two Hotel Resort Bird

This was a bird I met.

Remember, click here to go to Ocean Two's Website and enter AMERICAJOSH in the “Promotion Code” box at checkout for 15% off the best rates.

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