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The best board game bar in New York 2024

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I. Love. Board games. I really do. Something I hadn't done before moving to New York though was going to a bar with a small group of friends to play… and it was awesome!

The Uncommons is a boardgame bar in New York City is just below Washington Square Park and it's perfect for a rainy fall afternoon (I think there are going to be lots in the coming months). It's Manhattan's first board game bar and boasts over 1400 games (!?), most of which are listed on their website.

Be sure to make a booking because this place gets busy and full very quickly:

We regularly have waits of one to two hours during peak periods, and generally offer a first come, first serve policy for our guests.

However, we can accept a limited number of reservations for groups of five or more, and request at least 24 hours in advance with a deposit in full. As with walk-ins, we now have a three-hour limit.

How many board games can I play?

It's $15/person for an unlimited choice of games for 3 hours (but confirm this when you make a booking as sometimes they'll let you play longer if it's not busy).

This will let you try out all sorts of games, some of which you've been playing for years and some you've probably never heard of. They've also got drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as well as an array of tasty snacks to keep your mind working at full capacity.

So get your friends together, plan an afternoon, and head to the Uncommons! If you need an extra, be sure to let me know!

Which board games can I play?

Here's the best thing about going to a board game bar and not just playing at home: The staff.

The staff at The Uncommons are GREAT and can help you find a game that you and your group will enjoy. Whether you're into games that take 2 hours to get into or 2-player games that can be picked up in a few minutes, you're sure to find something that you will like and enjoy!

Because I love board games so much I have a few recommendations for you:

  • The Mind – Your group is trying to count to 100 without speaking
  • Codenames – You can only say one word to try and hint at your spies without letting the other team know
  • Ticket to Ride – Something a bit more involved but a great game of backstabbing and adventure!

How to play board games at The Uncommons

To make a reservation, email [email protected] with your name, email address, phone number, date and time, number of people, and any other details abut your event (and maybe include that sent you).

Other board game bars in New York

I haven't checked out any others in New York just yet, but would love to know what you recommend so please do comment below with your favorites!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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