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New York Broadway Week in NYC in 2024 (2-for-1 Tickets)

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For those of you not familiar with NYC Broadway Week: It's a celebration of New York City's theatre district, the shows that entertain us, and Broadway itself. Some of the most popular shows in New York offer 2-for-1 deals for you to see them live, or pay a bit extra if you want upgraded seats. If you've been thinking about stepping out and seeing a show, this is your chance!

It's best summed up by NYC Broadway Weeks' website:

There’s nothing like live theater—and no place for it like NYC.

As Broadway makes the comeback of the century, this is your chance to experience some of its spectacular shows in a whole new light.

NYC Broadway Week returns this winter with its signature deal: 2-for-1 tickets to some of the best musicals and plays on stage right now. Prefer to splurge? Opt for upgraded seats at $125 per ticket.

NYC Broadway Week

So how does Broadway week really work?

During Broadway week (which is actually January 18 until February 13), you have the ability to browse particular shows and get tickets to them much cheaper than normal (two for one, in fact).

The best bit is that these shows aren't small never-heard-of shows, they're the big ones! They're the popular ones that you really want to see, and they're worth every penny.

How do you book tickets for the special Broadway Week deals?

It's really very easy:

  1. Go to the official NYC Broadway Week 2022 website
  2. Scroll down the page and find a show that interests you (I've got some recommendations below)
  3. Pick one that you love
  4. Book through the Book Now button!

There are no catches, this is an official NYC-run organization and in partnership with all these wonderful shows. In many cases you'll book through the show's normal online ticketing system but you will be presented with options based on the coupon code you enter from the Broadway Week website!

This is your chance to see some Broadway and I promise you won't regret it.

When is Broadway Week 2022?

NYC Broadway week runs from September 6 to September 25 and tickets are available now.

Broadway Shows I can highly recommend for NYC Broadway Week 2022

So which are my favorite? Well, presented in order from my extra favorite to my extra-good-recommendation:

  • Dear Evan Hansen – Sensational. Don't watch the movie, see the show!
  • Come From Away – Absolutely incredibly based-on-a-true-story of 9/11
  • Tina – Even if you can't think of any Tina Turner songs right now, I promise you, this is amazing
  • The Book of Mormon – Hilarious.
  • Company – A classic re-imagined.
  • Harry Potter – I mean it's Harry Potter!?
  • Aladdin – If you have a family, this one's a winner
  • The Lion King – Who doesn't love people pretending to be giraffes!?
  • Hadestown – Winner of awards, and some really memorable songs
  • Or one of the classics, The Phantom of the Opera and – THE PHAAAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA
  • Chicago – … and all that Jazz?

Check them out and let me know what you think (and your favorites) in the comments below!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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