This week I discovered a new app, cabstr, that is going to dramatically decrease the amount of time I wait for a ride-hailing car or ride-sharing car and make it cheaper too by comparing all available prices and wait-times!

I find myself spending a lot of time flicking between Uber, Juno, Lyft, Via, and Curb to find the best price and shortest wait time every time I think about getting a car. What normally happens though is I end up just picking the one I first searched because I can’t be bothered with all the comparing… until now!

cabstr is an app that asks for your current location and your destination and will list the wait times and the estimated costs for all of the major ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps including:

  • UberPool;
  • UberX;
  • UberXL;
  • Uber Car Seat;
  • Uber Black;
  • Uber Black SUV;
  • Lyft Shared;
  • Lyft;
  • Lyft XL;
  • Lyft Lux Black;
  • Lyft Lux Black XL;
  • Juno Bliss;
  • Juno Lux;
  • Juno SUV; and
  • Curb Taxi.

The app saves things like your home and work like any other app, and then quickly links you through to the ride-sharing app that you select!

From their app description (because I can’t find a website):

  1. Enter your destination by typing in the address or selecting on map.
  2. Enjoy a fun quote while the ride options are loading!
  3. Sort available ride options based on price and time.
  4. Drag down to refresh the list of current ride options.
  5. Select your preferred option and book through Cabstr by linking to your existing account or creating a new one.

Check it out and let me know what you think on iOS App Store!

Check it out and let me know what you think on Android!