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Cash back for buying an A/C and control it with your phone

Did you know that ConEd can send you a free device to control your air conditioner with WiFi, and can also give you $25 back if you’ve recently bought a new air conditioner?

I didn’t either until my friends Matt & Rose told me (thanks guys)!

How to control your air conditioner with WiFi

ConEd offer a service to everyone as a means of keeping costs down over the summer months and ensuring that air conditioners aren’t left on during the day! Not only that but you also get Cool Points:

Connect your room air conditioner to Wi-Fi with a free smartAC kit and control your home’s temperature on-the-go with the free smartAC Go app.

Cool Points are reward points you can earn by doing your part to keep the energy grid reliable. 1,000 Cool Points equals $1.

Cool Points Hours are energy conservation hours that occur three to five times throughout the summer on very hot days when there is high demand on the energy grid.

All you need is: A Con Edison residential electric account, a Wi-Fi network, and a window A/C.

It really is quite great. I’ve been doing it for over a year now!

To sign up for the Smart A/C Program, just click here! Fill in all the requirements and you’ll earn rewards for keeping things efficient!

Josh note: The app that you need to use for this is TERRIBLE. Once you’ve set it up though, you can do things like align it to Alexa and use that app instead. I know it’s annoying, but it’s worth it in the end!

Get $25 When You Buy a New Energy Star A/C

ConEd ALSO have another great offer to those who have bought a new Energy Star A/C!

There’s no better time to do your part and replace your older room air conditioner with a newer, more energy-efficient model. Simply submit a rebate application to get $25 back on your purchase of a qualifying ENERGY STAR air conditioner today.* Limited to two rebates per account holder.

If you’ve got a new unit, click here to head over to the ConEd website for all the details and how to apply!

So in short: Get $25 back for buying a better A/C, then get money for using it!

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