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How to control your normal A/C with WiFi

Did you know that there are devices you can plugin to outlets that let you control your normal window air conditioner with WiFi, or Google devices, or Alexa, or your phone? It's shaping up to be another warm summer, so don't miss out on setting a few things up in your apartment to ensure that you're not caught out last minute.

They're easy to setup, and your A/C unit doesn't even need to have a remote.

How to control your air conditioner with WiFi

The first thing to know is that you're not going to be changing the settings of your A/C from this new system, you're simply going to be turning it on and off from afar.

The benefit of most (if not all) A/C units though is that they remember the last setting they were on before the power went out, so cutting out the power and re-activating it puts it back into the same position as before.

All you need to do this is have a simple and relatively inexpensive device from Wyze, the Wyze Plug. If you haven't heard of Wyze, they create lower cost tools for your home including cameras (I love them) and these plugs.

They have a solid set of features, are reliable, and in this case cost less than $20, instead of the outrageous amount that some of their competitors are charging for similar devices.

Once you have the device, the app connects to your WiFi, and you can then setup schedules, share access with family members, and configure it with settings like that it only turns on when the cameras in the room see anything.

What are the benefits of controlling your A/C remotely?

Not only are there benefits just in convenience, but you're also going find that you can improve the power efficiency of your home. Instead of having to run the unit constantly when you pop out for a moment, you can now control it from outside your house and even setup automatons so that it knows when you're getting close to home.

Mostly though it's the fact that you can sit across the room or yell at Alexa “Turn off the Living room AC!”

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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      1. Could you share details about the new device you’re using in lieu of the ThinkEco modlet?
        I’ve been on the hunt for 2 years, and have yet to unearth another product that could add a remote control + digital thermostat function to a non-digital PTAC unit (those basic, dual-knob, beige PTAC units ubiquitous to newer Manhattan rental buildings).

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