One whole year in NYC,
Goodness goodness gracious me.

I’ve caught some trains, it’s what you do,
and on those trains, I’ve seen a poo.

I’ve walked through snow, and missed the sun,
but know one thing, I’ve had some fun.

I turned a big thirty and drank in a park,
I’ve sat on a rooftop until it got dark.

I’ve made a puppet, he looks like me,
he loves helping expats, all for free.

I’ve flown over the island, once in a chopper,
and watched friends get caught by an undercover copper.

It’s different, it’s weird, the accents are funny,
and it sure is easy to blow a whole lot of money.

There’s wine, there’s shots, there’s even gin,
but not one bar has a West End tin.

I’ve seen you vote “Yes” from way way afar,
and watched a Grand Final from one Brooklyn bar.

I’ve made more friends than I can count,
and with a Kingdom, climbed a Mount.

From top to bottom, I’ve seen some sights,
and really don’t think I’ll get bored of the lights.

I’m so very thankful, it’s been so great,
especially the nights, home way too late.

I miss the friends I left behind,
You’re amazing, you’re lovely, and oh so kind.

But there’s so much more for me to do,
so time will show one more makes two.