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Fun things to do with young children in Manhattan, New York City in 2024

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The community in New York is great for making recommendations of fun things to do all over the city, but what about if you've got a four and a half year old who wants to see the sights too? What are the best things to do with a 4.5 year old in Manhattan?

Here's a fun list of things you can do with your young ones from the community of Australians in NYC :

Check out


American Museum of Natural History

Nick M.

Governor's Island – rent bikes and ride around.
The ferry is free in the mornings – check their website. Pretty cool island with lots of things to do

Nick M.

My just turned 5 year old loves Iceskating! You get the little push things and it’s fun! Also we recently went to Hudson River park and she loved that. It’s not a playground- more a walk with art and musical things in an awesome location

Cassie F.

Visit the Eloise store at The Plaza Hotel. Afternoon tea at Alice’s Teacup.

Caroline O.

Check out this list!

Caroline O.

Museum of Ice cream is super fun and interactive and you get ice cream!

Rachel J.

Take the ferry to from Brookfield place downtown to Jersey City and go to the Liberty Science Centre.

Bec B.

The model boat lake in Central Park is great, with the Alice in Wonderland statue nearby, and Belvedere Castle is also worth a visit.

Barry C.

Mommypoppins is a great blog for activities in nyc.

Manhattans Children museum on UWS is fantastic
Momath in Flatiron (hands-on museum)
Natural history museum
– Disney store in times sq
– Ice skating
– The public library offer reading times / kids activities each week
– Ny kids club has open play
Slime museum
– Walk the high line
– Hudson yards mall
CAMP toy stores also offer arts and crafts at Columbus circle

Nakia G.

Natural history museum and planetarium are must-sees. The Met has amazing ancient egypt stuff but they may be too young for that. The museum of ice cream!

Yvette D.

Buy a kick scooter gives you more options to get places without the little legs getting tired… Brooklyn bridge park pier 6 playground then pizza in dumbo is fun. Janes carousel is fun in dumbo

Kristy L.

The high line is great too. You could try sone of the beaches except it’s a bit cold (plus they don’t have anything on Australian beaches lol) you could also try the zoo (Bronx or Central Park) or the botanical gardens. Natural history museum is also great for kids.

Jane G.

There's a children's museum on the upper westside, and the children's museum of art downtown. All the zoos are fun, but central park and prospect park are more manageable with littles, Bronx is great but huge.

Also the Brooklyn Children's Museum is great for that age group if you don't mind the trip.

There's ice skating (central park, Chelsea Piers, Bryant park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn).

Cathy M.

CAMP stores

Elizabeth H.
Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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