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How to watch AFL in the USA in 2024

If you're missing Australian Football and want to LIVE stream the 2023 Toyota AFL Premiership, including the Grand Final, we've got you covered. The Season Pass includes the 2023 AAMI Community Series, 2023 AFLW season & hundreds of hours of your favorite Fox Footy shows as well, so here's how to sign up!

I know there are so many of you sitting there in your apartments across the US wondering how you can watch games. We generally get together all over America to watch the Grand Final and some of the finals games, but what about the rest of the regular season?

How to stream the 2023 AFL Season from home in America

The best and official option is Watch AFL!

Powered by FOX SPORTS, Watch AFL brings you:

  • All seasons since 2017 to 2021 Toyota AFL Premiership including the Finals.
  • Select classic matches.
  • NAB AFLW and Marsh Community series.
  • AFL news and entertainment shows from the FOX FOOTY channel.

The best part of WatchAFL is that you can watch all the games in your own way, wherever you are in the house.

  • Stream on your compatible phone, tablet or computer via the Watch AFL website or dedicated apps.
  • Watch on your TV using Chromecast, Airplay or the Apple TV app.
  • Download matches and shows to watch offline.

To find out more, head to Watch AFL and read all about their package information.

In summary, how to watch AFL games in 2023 from USA

  1. Sign up to Watch AFL
  2. Enjoy and comment your favorite team below!
  3. Watch AFL.

What subscription options for Watch AFL are available?

I know not everyone is keen to subscribe for a whole season so WatchAFL has given you some options:

  • Premium Weekly Subscription – For those of you who just want to tune in for a particular round
  • Monthly Subscription – For those who are more committed, but not quite year-long committed
  • 12-Month Subscription – The best value going round by far and one that gets you access to every game of the year including the finals and the Grand Final

What exactly is Watch AFL and how does it work?

Watch AFL is a subscription-based international service that delivers LIVE streams and on-demand replays of the Australian Football League to fans around the world, including America.

It can be purchased in or outside Australia from, however, the content within the Service can only be viewed from outside Australia (for example, if you are living, working or holidaying outside of Australia).

The service allows you to watch AFL matches in real-time on supported personal computers, tablets, mobile devices and TVs. You can also catch up on any of the action you've missed (or want to watch again) with our on demand service.

Watch AFL also gives you LIVE access to the 24/7 FOX FOOTY Channel for all of the latest AFL news, in-depth analysis and entertainment shows.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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10 thoughts on “How to watch AFL in the USA in 2024”

  1. Everything you need to know about AFL on US TV:
    They’ve been around since 1996 and have networks and schedules out a month or more.

  2. Hi mate. Just wonder if now is the opportune time to update this webpage (GF is in two days + 12 hours from now). Yes, I’m familiar with what is offered via as you correctly reference, but was curious to know about ESPN and any free options in the USA. FYI, your webpage was 2nd or 3rd via google today. Thanks again.

  3. I have no ties to AUS but have grown to love the AFL and looked forward to the new season though we just get a couple of games a week if lucky on FS2. Is there no option to stream to TV via Roku? It appears to me the options available are being streamed to your Apple or Android phone or tablet and then cast / projected onto the tv. Which works but is annoying to work with at time. Or if I got the Apple TV App on Roku would I then have to subscribe to Apple TV and WatchAFL?

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