Every person I meet who lives in New York has a story about something they’ve seen or something they’ve done that makes them extra New York. So I thought I’d compile some of my favorites and let you play BINGO. Comment below if you got BINGO!

, New York City Bingo 2022 – How to know you’re a local

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How many of these New York bingo items can you tick off?

  1. Yelled at a car that was about to run you over (when you clearly had right of way and told them so)
  2. Ridden in a taxi (and confidently yelled your cross-street as you climb in after fighting someone else for it)
  3. Taken a photo of Manhattanhenge (without anyone noticing)
  4. Spotted a Celebrity at Balthazar’s (and been cool about it, just giving a polite head nod)
  5. Had a wine (or three) on a rooftop in summer (while sweating and insisting rosé is good for hydration)
  6. Had a snow day (and apologized to the Seamless guy while being handed food)
  7. Enjoyed bottomless brunch (from 1pm – and questioned its start time)
  8. Ridden the Staten Island Ferry (and then run around to catch the ferry back to Manhattan)
  9. Gone to Dinner with New Friends (and loved every moment)
  10. Made friends with your local bodega’s sandwich man (and had him realize you’re hungover)
  11. Explained to your friends back at home that it’s never the “Big Apple” (ever.)
  12. Had someone remember your “usual” order (and held a polite conversation about the weather)
  13. Eaten a meal during NYC Restaurant Week (at a place that actually serves entrée sized courses)
  14. Cursed the shortness of Spring and Fall (carrying a coat and sunscreen just in case)
  15. Fallen into a puddle that looked like nothing (and explored the underwater wonders of New York)
  16. Corrected someone’s pronunciation of “Houston” St. (and explained that you’re serious about this)
  17. Glared at a slow-walking tourist (and justified it to yourself because you know better than to walk 5 abreast)
  18. Drank a pickleback (and enjoyed it)
  19. Explained to a friend visiting that they should not stay near Times Square (and had them do it anyway)
  20. Know how to order from the local street-food vendor without looking (and convincing yourself to wait until you get home to eat)
  21. Gotten sick, then better, then immediately sick again (because you overdid it)
  22. Given directions to someone (and then realized as you walked away you were 100% wrong)
  23. Have a favorite pastry (from a very specific store at a specific time of day)
  24. Seen a comedian for $4 at a random comedy night (who turned out to be famous)