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How to stop looking sweaty during summer 2024

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As we head back into summer, one thing you don't want throughout the warmer months is sweaty underarm patches. For those times you're rushing for a train in a crowded subway, sitting in the sun with friends, or sprinting down a street with a mask on, there must be a solution so you don't look so… wet. And there is!

Last summer, I sweatily started to Google “How to look less sweaty… professionally” and after reading all about surgeries for blocking sweat glands (which didn't sound too safe or fun) I came across a shining light: the Thompson Tee.

Who is Thompson and what is he doing, you ask? Well, I'll let them tell you:

Whether you sweat excessively or just need some added confidence for that special day or meeting, Thompson Tee has you covered. The patented Hydro-Shield sweatproof technology completely stops armpit sweat from ruining your day. All sweatproof undershirts are backed by our Sweat Proof Guarantee to give you peace of mind in any situation!

In short, it's a shirt that hides (and actually works) underneath and that has extra goodness in it to stop the sweat from getting out into your nice dress shirt or top.

What does stopping sweat mean for you?

  1. You look stunningly professional at all times;
  2. When that meeting gets stressful, you don't need Mentos, because you're cool, calm, and already collected; and
  3. You won't have pit stains, so your fancy top shirt will last forever.

They make them for women AND men in different colors and sizes, and they come with a personal thumbs up from me. I have them and I wear them almost every day during summer. While it's still super sweaty outside, I look like I've just stepped off a yacht with air conditioning.

The women’s Thompson Tee is one of the most versatile sweat proof shirts on the market β€” wear it as a stylish T-shirt or an undershirt to stop sweaty pits in their tracks. Plus, the patented anti sweat technology protects your favorite shirts from sweat stains and body odor, to save you money on dry-cleaning bills and keep your clothes fresh!

Here's a referral link, so you can get $10 off your first order and I can get $10 of “reward points at Thompson Tee”.

How to stop looking sweaty during summerI'm not being paid to write this, I just don't like looking sweaty, and these shirts made everything better. I included my referral link which gives me points to buy more shirts (and gives the clicker $10 off).

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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