We started with complete isolation, but now as people start to come out of their shells we want to make sure that we’re enjoying ourselves safely, responsibly, and having fun doing so! Picnics are a real winner for that during these warmer days, so here are all the tips and tricks I’ve found to make it the best!

Who doesn’t like picnics? I sure love a picnic and with it being one of the only ways to see our friends at the moment, I thought I’d add a few things to your list to make your next one even better.

Chairs (or not-so-chairs)

Sitting on the ground is ok until about the age of 8 where suddenly crossing your legs (criss-cross-Apple-sauce-style) becomes a bit more difficult and after a while, your back starts to ache and your butt falls asleep.

Buying a proper chair to take with you is a lovely idea but if you’re meeting with friends who don’t have chairs, it’s suddenly super awkward that you’re lauding over them, not to mention that you have to carry them to and from the picnic!

Enter my girlfriend, Stacey, with this wonderful invention that she discovered back when she was at camp.

Weekender Seats, Crazy Creek Chairs, Campfire Chairs. Whatever you want to call them, these things are great!

ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat

Basically a chair that sits on the ground, but your weight and legs support your back and hold you up! It’s a perfect bit of balance and makes sitting on the ground so much more comfortable!

Utensils, silverware, plates, crockery, and cups

We got truly sick of using disposable cups and plates because it’s terrible for the environment and it’s also not all that pleasant to use (goodbye sweet wheel of Brie that fell on the ground – I miss you).

Now this suggestion looks a little goobie, and it’s a little bit weird, but it’s SO damn convenient.

Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set Pack with Insulated Waterproof Pouch for Family Outdoor Camping (Navy Blue)

So yes, I get it, you carry around a backpack and your friends will laugh BUT NOT FOR LONG!

They’ll be jealous in moments when you pull out your cheese knife and your tiny little salt and pepper shakers (that your girlfriend spent the evening prior filling very carefully).

This thing includes the blanket sit on which is lined, a teeny tiny cheese board, flatware (utensils), reusable cups, plates, the whole thing! No point buying a huge blanket either because you’re not meant to be sitting too close to others!

Masks, masks, masks

You need a mask and there are lots of options. My current favorite are from Bonobos (because now I have a range of them I’ve tried, which feels surprisingly normal):

Bonobos Masks

I like these ones because they cover up a bit more of your face, they go over your head and not your ears. This makes it a bit easier to talk and you won’t feel bad about leaving it on while you chat because you look cool!

Icey cold water (or other drinks)

icey cold water Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle, Flex Cap - Multiple Sizes & ColorsOne thing that I value above so much else is cold drinks on a hot day.

Grab yourself a HydroFlask or something similar. Mine keeps drinks, outside, icey cold (with the ice still there) for full days. It’s magical and will make you feel more comfortable to stay out longer.

If you haven’t already, read my article on where to buy wine in NYC if you’re in NY.

Try and buy local, support your local businesses, find some cheese that was made locally, do everything you can to make your bountiful buffet a benefit to everyone around you!