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Where to watch the FIFA World Cup Finals LIVE in New York City

The World Cup is almost here and even if you're not a huge fan of soccer football soccer you're probably still going to enjoy watching a game or two.

One great place where you can watch ALL the games live in the East Village: The Summit Bar! They're Putin on a World Cup Party (ha!) and they're also raising money for #cookforsyria in the process.

So let's go over the checklist:

  • Every game live (from 8am, and the one 6am Australian game – GO THE SOCCEROOS) – Check
  • Delicious brunch and food – Check, check
  • Tasty drinks and cocktail deals – Check, check
  • Raising money for charity – Check

Still not enough? Ok, here's a kicker (ha! again!): If America Josh readers wear your team's soccer jersey (or maybe do something a bit outrageous dressing up in your team's colors for the game), you'll get a FREE drink on arrival. You have to tell them who sent you though!

  • Free drink – Check

What more could you possibly want!?

  • Josh might be there because he lives right up the road – Check

The deal just keeps getting better!

The first rounds of FIFA World Cup Finals are (in NYC local time)

  1. Thursday (6/14)
    1. 11:00am: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia
  2. Friday (6/15)
    1. 8:00am: Egypt vs. Uruguay
    2. 11:00am: Morocco vs. Iran
    3. 2:00pm: Portugal vs. Spain
  3. Saturday (6/16)
    1. 6:00am: France vs. Australia
    2. 9:00am: Argentina vs. Island
    3. 12:00pm: Peru vs. Denmark
    4. 3:00pm: Croatia vs. Nigeria
  4. Sunday (6/17)
    1. 8:00am: Costa Rica vs. Serbia
    2. 11:00am: Germany vs. Mexico
    3. 2:00pm: Brazil vs. Switzerland
  5. Monday (6/18)
    1. 8:00am: Sweden vs. South Korea
    2. 11:00am: Belgium vs. Panama
    3. 2:00pm: Tunisia vs. England
  6. Tuesday (6/19)
    1. 8:00am: Colombia vs. Japan
    2. 11:00am: Poland vs. Senegal
Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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