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What to do with the winter clothes you no longer need 2024

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As the seasons change, it's the perfect time to declutter your closet and give those winter clothes a new lease on life. Donating or repurposing your unwanted items is a great way to reduce waste and help others. Here are some options for what to do with your winter clothes, both in New York City and across the country.

Don't just throw them away, there's so much good that can be done!

1. Donation Centers and Thrift Stores

Salvation Army: A well-known organization with donation centers across the country, accepting a wide range of clothing items. Find a location or schedule a pickup here.

Local Shelters and Charities: Many local shelters and charities gladly accept gently used clothing to distribute to those in need. Be sure to call or contact them in advance because many have specific windows of time for donations.

Dress for Success: This organization empowers women by providing professional attire for job interviews and the workplace. Find out more here.

Goodwill NYNJ: With numerous locations across the city, Goodwill is a convenient option for donating clothes, shoes, and accessories. They even have smaller drop-off locations for quick donations.

New York Cares Coat Drive: While their main drive is in the fall, they often partner with organizations year-round to collect winter clothing. Check their website for the latest information. This is now closed but take note for next year!

Housing Works: This non-profit organization focuses on helping those affected by HIV/AIDS and homelessness. They have several thrift stores throughout NYC that accept clothing donations.

refashionNY (and similar programs): refashionNYC is a convenient and free textile donation and recycling service available for NYC residential and commercial buildings, schools, and nonprofit institutions. “We deliver bins to collect your unwanted clothing, household textiles, and accessories, then pick them up when they are full.”

2. Online Platforms

ThredUp: ThredUp is a fantastic way to sell or donate high-quality clothing. From their website:

  1. Fill your bag – Drop in high-quality women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories from over 35,000 brands.
  2. Send it off – Leave your bag for your mail carrier or drop it off at any FedEx Office or USPS location.
  3. Feel instant stress relief – Once your bag is processed, you’ll earn cash or credit for the items we accept.

Poshmark or Depop: If you have trendy or designer items, these platforms might be a better option for selling your clothes directly to buyers.

The RealReal: For luxury goods, The RealReal offers consignment services, giving you a percentage of the sale.

3. Community Initatives

Buy Nothing Groups: These hyper-local Facebook groups are popping up everywhere and encourage sharing and giving within communities. You might find someone who would love your unwanted winter clothes!

Local Clothing Swaps: Organize or participate in a clothing swap with friends, neighbors, or colleagues. It's a fun way to refresh your wardrobe and reduce waste.

Donate to Schools or Churches: Some schools and churches have clothing drives or closets to support families in need.

4. Creative Repurposing

Upcycling Projects: If you're crafty, turn old sweaters into mittens, scarves, or blankets. There are countless tutorials online for inspiration.

Donate to Animal Shelters: Old blankets and towels can be donated to animal shelters to keep their furry residents warm and cozy.

Use for Cleaning Rags: Cut up worn-out fabrics into squares to use as cleaning rags instead of paper towels.

5. Exchange it with friends

Post your items on Facebook! You can basically always find someone who has a connection or might be in need themselves. It can't hurt to try.

Lots of communities do exchanges of clothes, so there's always the opportunity to give someone something you no longer want, but may still be in great quality!

6. Important Considerations:

Condition: Ensure donated items are clean and in good condition. Items that are ripped, stained, or overly worn should be recycled or repurposed instead.

Research: Do a quick online search for donation centers, thrift stores, or community initiatives near you. Many organizations have specific guidelines for what they accept.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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