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What to do with the winter clothes you no longer need in New York 2023

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As we leave winter and finally head into the warmer months, you might find some time to go through your wardrobe and decide that you don't need some of your clothes anymore. So what should you do with them to make sure they don't just go into the trash?

It's tough because you want to do what's best, but you also don't have time to do the research, so I've done it for you!

Option 1: Greenmarket Farmers Markets (GrowNYC)

GrowNYC's Greenmarket Farmers Markets sometimes have a stall that does the donations if there is one in your area.

These events are awesome if you're looking to wander through fresh produce, buy something from a local seller, or contribute to the local community:

From their website:

Greenmarket was founded in 1976 with a two-fold mission: to promote regional agriculture by providing small family farms the opportunity to sell their locally grown products directly to consumers, and to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, most nutritious locally grown food the region has to offer.

We blanket the five boroughs with resources like textile and food scrap collection, Stop ‘N' Swaps, and free training to make waste reduction easy for all.

To find their upcoming schedule and locations head to their website!

Option 2: Thred Up

You can order a free kit from ThredUp and you can sell your clothes to them! You can also choose to donate them and have the value donated to charity!

From their website:

  1. Fill your bag – Drop in high-quality women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories from over 35,000 brands.
  2. Send it off – Leave your bag for your mail carrier or drop it off at any FedEx Office or USPS location.
  3. Feel instant stress relief – Once your bag is processed, you’ll earn cash or credit for the items we accept.

You can order your free kit on their website!

Option 3: refashionNYC

This is run by the Department of Sanitation and allows you to enroll your building to receive a collection bin. Tax receipts are available on the bin and they work to give back to the community.

Buildings simply call or email for a free pick up when the bin is full.

This one has a few extra requirements, but it really could be worth it if you live in a bigger apartment and want to get engaged with the community!

From their website:

Who Is Eligible

  • Apartment buildings with 10 or more units
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial businesses (such as fashion industry, storage facilities, gyms, laundromats, and hotels)
  • Schools and institutions

Accepted items include:

  • Clothing (from women, men & children)
  • Shoes, purses, gloves, scarves, hats & belts
  • Towels, curtains, bedding & linens
  • Clean rags and  torn clothing

You can enroll your building for free at their website!

Alternatively: Exchange it with friends

Post your items on Facebook! You can basically always find someone who has a connection or might be in need themselves. It can't hurt to try.

Lots of communities do exchanges of clothes, so there's always the opportunity to give someone something you no longer want, but may still be in great quality!

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to a question about this on Facebook!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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