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The Ultimate “Just How Australian Are You?” Quiz

Having written the ultimate “Just How American Are You?” quiz for Aussies in the US, it is only right that I do a “Just How Australian Are You?” Quiz! This may be of particular fun for any Americans in the lives of Aussies in the US, who now regularly talk about witches hats and rockmelon (I mean why would you call a melon that looks like a rock anything other than rockmelon?)


Behold, the ultimate “Just How Australian Are You?, for Aussies and Americans everywhere!

Which of these foods are in your pantry?

Select which of these fun words you use?

How many of these abbreviations do you use?

How many of these words could you naturally use to describe a swimsuit?

Recipes you’ve made in at least the last few years

If teleporting was real, would you choose to go to the following in Australia or the US? Select the options where you pick Australia.

How many of these songs bring you to the dancefloor / do you sing along with?

How many of these things make you emotional?

Which of these for you is the metric system your preference, or default unit if you have no preference?

How many pieces of Australiana do you have in your home (include everything from pictures you have on the wall, to footy jerseys, to tea towels that you still call tea towels)?

Micharne Cloughley

Micharne Cloughley

Micharne is a writer for TV and theatre. She hails from the Blue Mountains NSW, and currently lives in Jersey City NJ. Her favourite Aussie words are daggy and mate. Her favorite American words are y’all and Kansas City BBQ.View Author posts

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