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Basic Economy Fares? Yea, yea, Nah! (Travel Josh’s Tip #6)

So you’ve scoured the internet, been to, and think you have found the absolute cheapest deal, you’ve done great right?

Well – before you hit the purchase button, please read the fine print. In the US they have these “basic” economy fares that you may not have ever heard of before.

What are basic economy fares?

Well, if you ask me – they are to be avoided at all costs.

Usually – but not always, basic economy refers to the absolute cheapest and most restrictive fare offered by the airline. They do not include seat selection, they may not even offer a carry-on bag. They are usually non-refundable, but – they may also be completely unchangeable (not even a date change).

One important thing to note before you hit book – in the US, airlines regularly overbook their flights, and guess what?

Basic economy fares are the very first to be bumped.

So – if you must be somewhere by a certain date, if you like to do your seat selection, if you need to take a carry-on bag, if you may need to change dates, do NOT for the love of God purchase these tickets.

Until next week folks – be safe and happy travels.

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Joshua Engstrom

Joshua Engstrom

I now work on Madison Avenue, in the Air Experts team for Flight Centre. We consolidate, group rate and manage the heck out of any and every kind of flight you could possibly think of. We solve problems and send off happy and sad people. We humanize what has become a very transactional process. To get in touch with Josh and ask a question, feel free to contact him via his email [email protected]View Author posts

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