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Why booking with a travel agent saves you time and money

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Hi everyone! Today I'm doing my very first video, launching with America, Josh and today we're gonna be talking about, a really basic, why to book with a travel agent.

So I'm Travel Josh on America, Josh's site and I've been putting some tips and tricks and having a few discussions about travel and, I decided to start doing ones with a little video and a little demonstration and the first one kicks off today about: Why book with a travel agent?

And I'm going to show you guys, how I book a flight and how easy and quick it is, how quickly we can change things around, and modify it and make the reservation and then ticket the flight. It's actually very simple in our system.

So I'm going to show you that and I'm going to show you some cost benefits as well. So, what we're going to use today to compare is just Google flights and, the system that I use is called Sabre. So you're not going to see my, my beautiful face when I go to Sabre, but you'll hear my voice hopefully so let's get cracking.


All right. So, what we're going to do today is just a really nice, simple: New York to London, and we're going to do business class. Why not? and I'm going to show you how to do, the dates are just going to be random. so I'm going to pick a date in June, so we're going to go for 10 days.

Booking flights between New York and London

Say, so we're going to start off. I'm going to go on the 10th of June. We're going to go from New York City to London, and we're gonna go with, British airways.

And away we go. We're going to say, see the availability there. okay. I think the best one to take is, if you had a choice in the dates, is to catch the 7:55 AM flight. It gets into London at 7:45 PM in the evening, flight BA178, and it's just a really good time to get into London.

You can have a light supper and then go to bed and wake up fresh in the morning. If you're strapped for time and you have to work that day or what not, then, by all means, catch the PM flight that arrives in the Heathrow very early in the morning, but for the demonstration today, we're going to go to the 7:55 AM flight and then we're going to return home 10 days later with BA again, and we are going to grab the 11:20 AM and arrive back into JFK at 2:00 PM on VA flight 173. Alright, so this, I'm going to show you the price that we should get when we look on Google Flights, it should almost be identical to this prize so I'm going to price this up for you now. While it's pricing. I'm really happy with the seats, say, I'm happy to pay 3000, $791, for the flight. I'm going to hold it and I'm going to show you how easy and quick that is to do.

So I've just entered my name into the reservation. I put it in the ticketing time limit. I've put in my name I'm going to put in my email address as well. And that is it, guys. That's it. So right now, I've held the seats. Mmm. And for all intents and purposes, this flight is ready to go and be ticketed. If I paid the money, I can pull up the seat map. so we can choose, you know, the seats that we want.

Free seating selection with a travel agent

Seat map is not available. Okay. so BA doesn't bring up the seat map until the flight is ticketed and you pay, or, if you book with a travel agent like myself, we actually have, the ability to, I do free seating with BA. So that's a bonus. One bonus straight off, of why do you use a travel agent!

So let's bring up the flights again. What I'd like to show you now is, another pricing system that we have, and this is where you can, I can save you some really good money. We actually have corporate rights as well, so we can have a look there and I can press it up in that system and see if we can get any better.

Saving money (especially on Business)

So at the moment, the price is $3,700 I think it was, $3,791 let's have a look and see how much it's going to be. Now corporate rate. All right. That's the pricing now. There you go. $3,175 so that's my price there. $3,175 and compared to what we'll find on the internet, $3,791.

So straight up, there's about a $600 saving there guys from booking with a travel agent, let's just go in and demonstrate.

I hope you also have quick and easy that was to book that literally took seconds.

Alternatively, booking with Google Flights

All right, so now we are going to do Google flights.

What dates were they attempt in June? Coming back on the 20th of June.

All right, on the 20th of June. There we go. Wait, I got to go business. Thank you very much. And where are you going to go? At British airways.


And hopefully, it's not too difficult to pick the same flights. There we go. $3,731 and the nonstop. I think it was the 11:20 there we go. There you go. So the price that we're going to get on Google flights is $3,761 and I can get it for $3,175 including free seating.
As you can see, that was really easy and quick, to book a flight with me.

This is the very first video. So, please go in and, shoot me an email. All of my contact details are on the America Josh site and, yeah, we'd love to hear from you. I can start doing some, really cool itineraries as well and demonstrate how we can process that up and make it super easy and convenient for everyone out there to book with a human rather than booking through a robot online and hopefully you'll get something out of it.

That's my intention anyway and my goal and hopefully. Yeah. People can see that I'm booking with the human, beat to robot every time.

All right, guys. Well, that's it for, to this very first video. I hope you enjoyed it and, I'll talk to you next week.

How to get in touch with Josh

Do you have questions? Do you need travel advice? Contact Josh by his email, [email protected]

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Josh Pugh

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