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End of 2019: Share your stories with me!

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[vc_row row_height_percent=”0″ overlay_alpha=”50″ gutter_size=”3″ column_width_use_pixel=”yes” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ css=”.vc_custom_1576609088771{padding-top: 25px !important;}” column_width_pixel=”800″][vc_column][vc_column_text]I talk about myself all the time on this website. So when I was thinking about what to write for the end of 2019, I started to think about what I could tell you about stats, and partnerships, and opportunities, and where 2020 is going… but then I realized: I don't want to talk about me, I want to share you!

So now is your chance. From now until Monday, December 30th, I'm asking for your stories, your achievements, and your news.

What can you share?

Everything! Good or bad, I don't mind. If you want to share it, I'll get it out there!

Whether it's something you did at work, someone you met, something you personally achieved, the fact that you moved overseas and are doing ok, the fact that you made it to the end of 2019, or something you want to get off your chest, now is your chance.

This is your loudspeaker for 2019. Use it wisely!

There's a spot to upload a file with your submission too, so if a picture, video, or some sound works with your story, I'd love to hear it!

Can you stay anonymous?

Of course. I know that some things you might want to share are going to be sensitive so I'm giving you the opportunity to share it anonymously below in a form. You can give your name if you want but otherwise, it will just go up anonymously.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_height_percent=”0″ overlay_alpha=”50″ gutter_size=”3″ column_width_use_pixel=”yes” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ column_width_pixel=”800″][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_raw_html]JTNDYSUyMGNsYXNzJTNEJTIydHlwZWZvcm0tc2hhcmUlMjBidXR0b24lMjIlMjBocmVmJTNEJTIyaHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZhbWVyaWNham9zaC50eXBlZm9ybS5jb20lMkZ0byUyRk5NbXg4VyUyMiUyMGRhdGEtbW9kZSUzRCUyMnBvcHVwJTIyJTIwc3R5bGUlM0QlMjJkaXNwbGF5JTNBaW5saW5lLWJsb2NrJTNCdGV4dC1kZWNvcmF0aW9uJTNBbm9uZSUzQmJhY2tncm91bmQtY29sb3IlM0ElMjMwMzkyQ0YlM0Jjb2xvciUzQXdoaXRlJTNCY3Vyc29yJTNBcG9pbnRlciUzQmZvbnQtZmFtaWx5JTNBSGVsdmV0aWNhJTJDQXJpYWwlMkNzYW5zLXNlcmlmJTNCZm9udC1zaXplJTNBMjBweCUzQmxpbmUtaGVpZ2h0JTNBNTBweCUzQnRleHQtYWxpZ24lM0FjZW50ZXIlM0JtYXJnaW4lM0EwJTNCaGVpZ2h0JTNBNTBweCUzQnBhZGRpbmclM0EwcHglMjAzM3B4JTNCYm9yZGVyLXJhZGl1cyUzQTI1cHglM0JtYXgtd2lkdGglM0ExMDAlMjUlM0J3aGl0ZS1zcGFjZSUzQW5vd3JhcCUzQm92ZXJmbG93JTNBaGlkZGVuJTNCdGV4dC1vdmVyZmxvdyUzQWVsbGlwc2lzJTNCZm9udC13ZWlnaHQlM0Fib2xkJTNCLXdlYmtpdC1mb250LXNtb290aGluZyUzQWFudGlhbGlhc2VkJTNCLW1vei1vc3gtZm9udC1zbW9vdGhpbmclM0FncmF5c2NhbGUlM0IlMjIlMjB0YXJnZXQlM0QlMjJfYmxhbmslMjIlM0VTaGFyZSUyMHlvdXIlMjBzdG9yeSUyMCUzQyUyRmElM0UlMjAlM0NzY3JpcHQlM0UlMjAlMjhmdW5jdGlvbiUyOCUyOSUyMCU3QiUyMHZhciUyMHFzJTJDanMlMkNxJTJDcyUyQ2QlM0Rkb2N1bWVudCUyQyUyMGdpJTNEZC5nZXRFbGVtZW50QnlJZCUyQyUyMGNlJTNEZC5jcmVhdGVFbGVtZW50JTJDJTIwZ3QlM0RkLmdldEVsZW1lbnRzQnlUYWdOYW1lJTJDJTIwaWQlM0QlMjJ0eXBlZl9vcm1fc2hhcmUlMjIlMkMlMjBiJTNEJTIyaHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZlbWJlZC50eXBlZm9ybS5jb20lMkYlMjIlM0IlMjBpZiUyOCUyMWdpLmNhbGwlMjhkJTJDaWQlMjklMjklN0IlMjBqcyUzRGNlLmNhbGwlMjhkJTJDJTIyc2NyaXB0JTIyJTI5JTNCJTIwanMuaWQlM0RpZCUzQiUyMGpzLnNyYyUzRGIlMkIlMjJlbWJlZC5qcyUyMiUzQiUyMHElM0RndC5jYWxsJTI4ZCUyQyUyMnNjcmlwdCUyMiUyOSU1QjAlNUQlM0IlMjBxLnBhcmVudE5vZGUuaW5zZXJ0QmVmb3JlJTI4anMlMkNxJTI5JTIwJTdEJTIwJTdEJTI5JTI4JTI5JTIwJTNDJTJGc2NyaXB0JTNF[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_height_percent=”0″ overlay_alpha=”50″ gutter_size=”3″ column_width_use_pixel=”yes” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ css=”.vc_custom_1576609088771{padding-top: 25px !important;}” column_width_pixel=”800″][vc_column][vc_column_text]

What am I going to do with it?

Everything I get, I will put together something fun and visual so we can share our stories.

Submit, then share!

I want as many stories as possible, so be sure to share this page with everyone![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

Josh is a business founding, digital marketing focused, charity driving, community builder from South Australia, living in New York City. After moving in 2017, Josh realized that there was an opportunity to curate and help the community of expats who moved to the United States โ€“ and launched America Josh. Josh is also the President of Variety โ€“ the Children's Charity of New York, Secretary at The Mateship Foundation, and Founder & CEO at Fortnight Digital.View Author posts

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