After a cheeky fortnight (two weeks for those of you playing at home) away in Australia, I’m back in the land of noisy car horns and cold weather, and I’m loving it already.

Sorry about the radio silence, I needed a couple of days to recharge, go to a wedding, and high five some friends, but now that I’m back I’m ready to jump in even deeper with 2018.

So what have I got planned for this year?

  1. Events in New York for everyone to meet new people in the city and learn from the professionals;
  2. An automated system for reporting how well places operate to get new visas around the world; and
  3. A neighborhood analysis for expats.

It’s going to be a huge year and together we can do it!

If you have ideas, want to help or contribute, or feel like sharing a coffee or beer, please get in touch!