With the year coming to an end, I thought it might be time to start my “Best of the Year” review. I’ve got some broad categories that you might be used to like Best Restaurant 2018 and Best Bar 2018, but I’ve also gotten a bit more specific the further you get down!

We’re going to call them “The Joshies”, and they come with a trophy if I can just find a trophy sponsor… Stay tuned… Trophy makers: Call me. #TheJoshies (let’s get that trending, please!)

If you’ve got a category that you’d like me to review, or a venue you’d like to nominate, let me know, and I’ll keep it in mind for 2019!

Best Food & Drink NYC 2018

If you’ve followed America Josh for a little while, you’ll know how much I like to eat food and drink drink, so what better way to start than my best restaurants and bars from New York City?

Best Restaurant in New York 2018

Manhatta – This one is a little fancy, but not crazily so, and the view is worth the money. $78 for three courses, and it’s a no-tipping restaurant, do it.

Best New York Restaurant with a Group 2018

San Marzano – Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place that will accept group bookings, and also it’s too frantic. This place lets you choose from a wide range of freshly made pasta and treats, and works perfectly if you’re looking for a drinks package!

Best New York Date Night Restaurant 2018

Mimi – Ok, yep, this one is a bit fancy as well, but oh my God the food is good. So make this a special date night.

Best New York Restaurant to Share Food 2018

Alta – So many small plates and SO MUCH DELICIOUS. Get a bunch of your friends together and go bananas picking things (you can even choose the option to just order the entire menu – and it’s worth it).

Best Cheesy Garlic Bread in New York 2018

Crispo – This place is fantastic for a hearty Italian meal and the cheesy garlic bread is to die for. Literally. But seriously. It is.

Best Easy Eating Restaurant in New York 2018

Taqueria St. Marks Place – East Village Mexican food with delicious guacamole (and you can get as many chips as you’d like).

Best Bottomless Brunch in New York 2018

Pardon My French – The food is exactly what you want, the drinks are plentiful, and the value for money is sensational. It gets a bit loud but you’ll be fine! Bookings essential.

Best Take Out in New York 2018

Vanessa’s Dumpling House – Golly this place is good. If I had to choose between the chicken noodles, and the pork sesame pancake/sandwich… I couldn’t. Get both. Explode with happiness. Throw in some dumplings just because.

Best Pizza in New York 2018

Joe’s – It’s not called “The Greenwich Village Institution” for nothing. There’s a lot of New York Slices around the place but this place is on another level. Have one, have two, have a pie, tell your friends.

Best Bodega Sandwich in New York 2018

The Chicken Special, on a roll, hot from Yankee’s Deli – You will never find another sandwich like this one. The perfect balance of shredded lettuce, tomato, deli chicken, magic sauce, and cheese. I don’t know what the magic sauce is, but I have two of these a week. Right on the corner of 11th St and Avenue C.

Best Drinks in New York 2018

I love a bar. With friends, on a date, with friends on a date, it’s always good fun!

Best Bar in New York 2018

Post NYC – I love this place. It’s tiny, it’s friendly, you can watch the world go by from the window, and the Bloody Mary is the best one I’ve ever had, by MILES! Get one of those and a biscuit sandwich.

Best Speakeasy in New York 2018

Attaboy – Knock on that big metal door and hope for the best. The cocktails are sensational.

Best (Worst?) Dive Bar in New York 2018

Welcome to the Johnson’s – It’s exactly as crappy and amazing all at once as you’d love. Cheap $1/$2 beers, lots of spirits, and not a wine list in sight. This place is the perfect bar to take friends visiting from overseas.

Best Bar with an Outdoor Space in New York 2018

City Vineyard – Grab yourself a bottle on a warm summer’s night, fight a group for a table, and relax and watch the sunset over the Hudson Estuary (not actually a river turns out, thanks, The West Wing).

Best Meal at a Bar in New York 2018

Dante – One fo the best bars in the world, with negronis on tap, but only recently did I discover how GOOD the food is! Golly gosh bags. Tip the waiters well, and make sure you yell “YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!” at them as much as you can. Politely. GET THE PARPADELLE.

Best Bar with Games in New York 2018

Fat Cat – This is a West Village institution and when you walk in you’re going to wonder why I recommended it. But if you’re out with friends or a date who likes Scrabble and table tennis (ping pong), you’ll love this place.

Best New York Quiet Cocktail Bar 2018

Lois – Wine in a carafe, in different sizes, with free cheese if you order during happy hour. I mean, it’s one of the happiest places on earth! Get in there, have a quiet wine and cheese with someone special, and then wander the streets of Alphabet City!

Best Bar for Groups in New York 2018

Loverboy – I’ve talked about this bar a lot this year but it really is one of my favorites. From delicious drinks to tasty burgers and snacks, it’s the best place to go on a hot day with the windows open, or a cold night with friends when it’s really getting exciting!

Best Nightclub in New York City 2018

lol. Who are you kidding? A night club!? No thank you.

Best Cafe & Coffee in New York 2018

Toby’s Estate – With locations all over New York, Toby’s Estate make some DELICIOUS coffee and the staff are especially friendly. Pop in and make sure you say America Josh sent you, and that they won the 2018 Joshie!

Best Activities NYC 2018

In a city with so many things to do, it can sometimes be really hard to… find something to do. So here are my highlights!

Best Thing to Do on a Rainy Day in New York 2018

EscapeGamesNYC (Outer Space) – Go do an escape room! If you’ve never done one before, I think this one is a good place to start! It’s a little difficult, but EscapeGamesNYC has a number of others which might be more your speed.

Best Place to Go for Board Games and a Drink in New York 2018

The Uncommons – You can get pigs in blankets, and you can get every board game you can imagine. You pay for a block of time and you can play all the games you can fit into that time, it’s a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Best Other Things in New York 2018

Best Co-working Space in New York 2018

KettleSpace – I can’t go past my one and only. If you go to KettleSpace.com you can play “Where’s Josh?” like “Where’s Waldo/Wally?”! Locations all over the city, a low price of under $100/month, and all the snacks, coffee, and Wifi a person could ever need! Use the code JPUGH for 50% off!

Best Hairdresser/Barber in New York 2018

East 6th Street Barber Shop – I love this place. They’ve got five chairs, there’s rarely ever a wait, and you will be in and out for ~$30 (if you have an easy haircut like me, because some of my hair fell out some years ago when I sneezed too hard).

Best Dry Cleaner in New York 2018

Michelle’s Dry Cleaner – Friendly staff, fast service, and clean clothes. It’s the trifecta! I have loved this place since my second day in New York.

CONGRATULTIONS to all #TheJoshies winners!! If you do visit any of these places, be sure to mention how you found them!

If you’ve got a category that you’d like me to review, or a venue you’d like to nominate, let me know, and I’ll keep it in mind for 2019!