One thing that confuses a lot of people about the E3 visa is the LCA requiring particular levels of pay. So can you get an E3 visa with a part-time job?

Doug Lightman from Lightman Law Firm helps me out again to understand exactly what the rules are for getting a part-time E3.

So can you get an E3 visa with a part-time job?

Josh: I can get an E3 visa with a part-time job.


Hi, I’m America Josh and this is Learning with New Friends.

Can I apply for an E3 visa for a part-time job here in the United States?

Doug: Sure. Technically it’s possible. Anything under thirty-five hours a week is considered part-time.

We don’t recommend the extreme part-time.

The number of hours per week is not necessarily something that has to be captured on the E3 application but if during the interview process the consular officer asks how many hours and you’re either unsure or it’s something where it would be questionable as to how you would be able to support yourself then that could definitely be an issue.

Josh: One of the other questions I get is with part-time jobs, can I hold more than one part-time job with an E3?

Doug: Well you would have to get two E3s and you can hold two E3s concurrently.

Josh: If I wanted to have two E3s concurrently would I have to apply for both at the same time. Or can I add one to another one if I got a new job?

Doug: Sure. So ideally you would apply for both at the same time, but you could, in theory, apply for one after the other.