Getting a visa is stressful, so one thing you don’t want to worry about is what to wear. So… What should you wear to the interview!?

Learning with New Friends is all about Josh from America Josh meeting professionals in all sorts of fields to give you the best possible advice for your move to and life in America.

Meet my first friend, Doug Lightman of Lightman Law Firm, an immigration lawyer with all the answers! I thought I’d check in with him to find out what was best to wear to interviews!

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Josh (America Josh): Hi, I’m America Josh and this is Learning with New Friends.

Josh: One of the questions also that comes up a lot is appropriate attire to wear when you go for your visa interview. So what do you recommend?

What should people wear when they’re attending? Something like this?

Doug (Lightman Law Firm): Yeah, that’s a great question, Josh.

Doug: We always advise clients to dress comfortably.

Doug: Business casual preferably.

Doug: And if that’s a challenge, a red onesie will work just fine!