Tipping is very important in the U.S. not only culturally but for the financial well-being of many. Did you know you were meant to tip the building staff each year? You do! So how much should you tip your super, your doorman, and the other staff in your building for the holidays?

First things first, do you really have to tip everyone in the building?

Yes, you have to tip (normally all of) the staff in your building

I will admit that when I first moved, I had absolutely no idea that it was a thing, and luckily I was put right quickly. It’s really quite a snub for those who carry your trash, manage parcels, and open the door for you if you don’t tip properly; even if you didn’t know.

It’s an important part of being a good tenant or owner in your apartment block, and I want to make sure you do it correctly. They do lots for you throughout the year without much more than a smile and thank you, so now is your time to repay (and just be nice, it’s the holidays).

So how much do you tip the workers in your building?

Using data I compiled from all over the internet, and by asking you each year how much is appropriate, I’ve built the handy form below!

Tipping isn’t just a standard “It’s $50 for the holidays”, it depends on how big your building is, how much work the person has to do for you, what they’re doing, and more.

So be a good tipper, do the right thing and calculate how much you need to tip below!

How should you give your tip?

Tips are cash, not any other form.

You can give gifts, you can even bake something for them, but that has to be in addition to cold, hard cash.

I know it seems insincere, and it is in some cases, but in this case that’s what is expected.

Place it in an envelope with their name on it, and drop it either at the desk downstairs (or if you’re like me, text your super and say you have an envelope for them).

They’ll know what it is, they’ll say thank you very much, and you can go forward with your rosy working relationship!