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How to avoid fake Amazon reviews 2024

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You might be aware that while Amazon is an incredibly helpful tool but did you know that it's flooded (constantly) with fake reviews? You might think that a near 5-star review is a perfect way to make sure that the product you're buying is the best available, but unfortunately, not so much!

Amazon comes with its own very-real issues but for many (especially right now) it's the only way to get everything you need to your apartment.

Reviews are a wonderful way to make sure of the quality of the products that you buy but because good reviews lead to more sales, it's in the interest of lots of companies to fake these.

So how do you assess a product if we can't trust the reviews?

Amazon review score analysis

There are some wonderful tools that helpful people have built for this purpose!

They basically go through all the reviews and find when they've been submitted in big groups, or if they all use the same language, or if there's something else that looks a bit suspicious about them, and they're incredibly accurate!

So how do you do it? There are two fantastic tools that exist and allow you to review the Amazon score and find out whether it's legitimate or not.

Here are two of my favorites:


Check out FakeSpot, it's a plugin you can add to your computer which will scan the product you're looking at and tell you what they think of it!

Don't get ripped off online, use Fakespot.

Fakespot for Chrome ensures you get the best products from the best sellers. eCommerce as it should be, for free.


ReviewMeta is my personal preference, and it allows you to copy and paste the Amazon product address you're looking at and it will churn out a result that alerts you how unreliable the score is.


Buying online moving forward

You can now go forth and make sure that everything you buy on Amazon is actually the best! Sometimes, even thousands of good reviews can be misleading so be sure to check you're not getting a knock-off!

When you have the chance, try and buy from the original source instead of from Amazon as so many stores are now offering equal terms to Amazon and actually better deals.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

Josh is a business founding, digital marketing focused, charity driving, community builder from South Australia, living in New York City. After moving in 2017, Josh realized that there was an opportunity to curate and help the community of expats who moved to the United States โ€“ and launched America Josh. Josh is also the President of Variety โ€“ the Children's Charity of New York, Secretary at The Mateship Foundation, and Founder & CEO at Fortnight Digital.View Author posts

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