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How to write the perfect apartment listing and rent out your space in 2024

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If you're advertising or looking for an apartment, you'll know how time-consuming the whole process can be, so with a few extra details, you can no doubt benefit from taking the time to properly write your listing and taking some photos that help promote the value of your space.

One of the most common posts you'll see online in expat communities is apartment listings, so I think it's about time that we come to an agreement about how these posts are written.

So here is everything you should include to make sure you get the most out of your posting and get the best (and most appropriate applicants).

Accommodation Posts on Facebook and Facebook Groups

These rules really apply anywhere but I've used Facebook as my primary example.

Perfect Apartment Text
  1. “[Long Term] Available July 1” – Include whether it's a “Short Term” or a “Long Term” lease, and when is it available from. As this isn't a technical term, I'm going to start by defining it as:
    1. Long Term = Un-defined length, basically as long as everyone is still happy and can stay in the location;
    2. Short Term = Defined start and end dates (whether that's one week – which is possibly illegal by the way – or six months, it's still “short”)
  2. “1 Queen sized bedroom” – How big is the bedroom or space that you're advertising? The easiest way for most people is to define what you can get in there. What size bed you can fit, how much furniture fits, a little detail goes a long way;
  3. “East Village (Corner of 11th and C)” – Where is the apartment? This one is up to you if you don't feel comfortable getting too in-depth, but at least give it a neighborhood and if that's a big area, try and refine it as best you feel;
  4. “2BR apartment” – There's a big difference between a two-bedroom apartment and a five-bedroom apartment so be sure to share what the whole place includes. Have two bathrooms? Write that too! If it's a 5th-floor walk-up, maybe write that too, some people aren't so keen on that.
  5. “Un-furnished” – This is important obviously because the new tenant will need to buy furniture. If you're leaving something in there, explain what it is!
  6. “… and has a giant closet” – Storage is essential in big cities, so if you're looking for someone who lives out of a suitcase, you better tell them now.
  7. “laundry in-building” – Just like storage, it's something that we all want to know, where to clean your clothes and whether it's going to involve a walk down eleven blocks.
  8. “located close to L, R, and W trains” – Getting to and from your home is normally going to be via public transport, so be sure to highlight which trains are close and also which buses if you know them!
  9. “young professional in their late 20s” – If you're a party house, be loud and proud, but if you're not, then advertise it as such. Think about who you actually want to have as a housemate, even if you don't become best friends.
  10. “No couples, pets, parties, or smoking” – It's sometimes easier to list the things you don't want, as opposed to the things you do, so if there are some real deal-breakers, make a list (but be nice, I don't want to see anything that isn't open-minded).
  11. “1,500/month + $50/month utilities (approx.) + $50/month cleaner.” – Yes, yes, we all know it varies in summer, but you can at least give an indication as to what people can expect. Break it down into pieces so the whole story is clearly evident.
  12. “Sub-lease until September 1 with an option to go on lease” – If you require someone to get onto a lease it's important to be up-front about that. Some will be keen to do that and for others that might not be an option. This also gives a clear timeline if you give some dates!
  13. Photos
    Perfect Apartment Image

Tips for taking photos of apartments you're trying rent out

I'm always surprised at the photos some people choose when advertising their room or apartment.

You don't need to be a master of camera and film but at least PICK YOUR DAMN UNDERPANTS UP OFF THE GROUND AND TIDY A LITTLE. Jeepers.

You will be AMAZED at how many more applicants your apartment will get if you've taken a small amount of effort in dressing the place up.

The same goes for when you show the place to interested parties, take a little pride in your home!

Try and take as many pictures as you can of each of the rooms that are relevant: A living room pic, a bathroom pic, a kitchen pic, and two-bedroom pics (from different angles). That's the minimum in my opinion.

Try and keep them well lit, and give them a bit of perspective.

Where you can advertise your apartment

If you've done all that, head over to Australians in New York – NYC ACCOMMODATION (Aussies International) and post your apartment!

This is a great group for Australians sharing their apartments, rooms, and spaces!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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