You’ve seen all the movies, you know how it’s done, you walk out into the middle of the rainy street with your coat wrapped tight, you raise your hand and you make an insanely loud whistle noise and a cab comes out of nowhere to pick you up… right?



Partially wrong.

Don’t walk out in front of traffic, and don’t walk out into the rain, you’re sure just to get hit by a delivery person on an electric bike and get all wet!

Secondly, we’ve now got the power of apps which means that we can hail cabs right from our pocket, but there’s one other tip that I recommend you get right:

Where to request pickup of a car

One sure-fire way to cost yourself a lot of money and get yourself caught in a traffic jam is to get into a car going the wrong direction.

New York City is filled with one-way streets and after a fun night out you will no doubt be tempted to request a car for the address you’re sitting at right now, but this is where you’re going wrong!

Have a think to yourself: Are you heading uptown or downtown (or crosstown)?

If you’re headed downtown, request the car on an Avenue going downtown (on the correct side of the road if that’s relevant).

If you’re headed East, be sure to request the car for an even numbered street (remember: Even streets go East).

This is going to save you from having to do a big city loop, getting stuck behind a bus, getting caught behind someone “parallel parking” (I’m using air-quotes appropriately), or any number of other disasters that will turn your 5 minute jaunt into a 25 minute debacle (costing you, too).

It sounds obvious but after sitting in a cab for 35 minutes last week because we got caught in UN General Assembly traffic, I thought it was best to give everyone a heads up.

How to find something you left in a taxi

When I first moved to New York I had an evening where I left my bag in a cab. In that bag was my laptop, my keys, and basically all of my worldly possessions!

Here’s the kicker though: I hailed this cab on the street, paid cash, and had absolutely no idea about the driver’s details or the cab number.

But guess what? I got all my stuff back! Here’s how I did it.

How to whistle for a cab

If you can do that whistle thing, please do let me know, I can’t for the life of me work out where that heinous noise comes from. Is it from between your teeth and tongue!?

Ride-sharing options

The other thing to remember is that in this here big city you’ve got options!

If you don’t know which app to use, checkout Bellhop:

Stop wasting money on rideshares.

Bellhop lets you compare pricing across the major rideshares so you can save money on every ride.

And always keep Via in the back of your mind for regular commutes because it can save you a LOT of money (my referral code is VIANIR11 – apparently).

Happy travels!