Welcome to the best things to do in New York City, and the best places to visit in NYC!

Restaurant of the week

Looking for a delicious and great value bite in the West Village area?

Don’t go past Malatesta Trattoria! This CASH-ONLY Italian pasta-and-other-delicious-related-items venue is one that you’ll be sure to return to. I certainly have. Four times.

Malatesta Trattoria

Bar of the week

Feel like a drink somewhere fancy?

Check out The Flower Shop and you might even see someone famous! Be sure to have a delicious cucumber cocktail for me, and enjoy the awesome throwback decorations. It feels a little bit like your Grandma’s house, but in a cool way.

There can be long lines too, so be sure to be ready for that one.

The Flower Shop

Thing-to-do of the week

This one is easy. I’ve written a whole post about how to get cheap drinks and cocktails in NYC this winter!

Local tip of the week

This week’s tip comes to you from Tim, another guy sitting next to me at work (and is actually something that I’ve already talked about before):

When you’re leaving a Subway station, be sure to swipe other people in if you have an unlimited metro card. It’s a nice thing to do and is not against the rules.