If you’re looking for a way to drink cheaply this winter in NYC, rest assured you’re not the only one. There are actually a few different services around the place that will facilitate you going out, having a tasty cocktail, but not breaking the bank!

From February 1 through March 15 you can, for example, stay warm with Winter Tippler for around $35/person!

Navigate the NYC cocktail scene with NYC Compass’ hand-crafted “Cocktail Passbook” from over 15 of the city’s best venues.

One passbook, per person, per visit, and you get a super cheap fancy cocktail! Here’s a map one of my friends made of all the participating venues!

We’ve also received an email that includes a 55% voucher, so just enter CRAFT at checkout!

Year-round cheap drinks

Alternatively, there’s also Hooch which is a year-round service.

This one has bars all over the place, and for $9.99 per month, you can have one drink per day! This gets you trying venues all over the city, as opposed to just going to the same place every week, so give it a shot!

DOWNLOAD HOOCH today and enter invite code americajosh to enjoy your first month for just $1 (I get a reward if I get 5 of you)