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NYC Venues & Things-to-do of the week (January 24, 2018)

What a lovely week we've had! I'm saving up all the outdoor locations, but know that when spring gets here you're going to have more to choose from than you have days of the weekend.

If you have any great recommendations for me to try, please do send an email to [email protected]

Restaurant of the week

This week is all about convenience, quality, and most importantly: value for money.

San Marzano is a little Italian pasta place in the East Village that is absolutely all of these three things.

It's a very hectic place, so you're going to need to expect a wait, but with all the bars in the area you're not going to have a problem filling the time!

San Marzano restaurant in the East Village, New York, August 1, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

Bar of the week

Moving a little further afield from my normal East Village recommendations is this award winning venue.

Dante is rated as one of the WORLD'S best bars (#16) and very deserving of an America Josh accolade, too.

Fantastic cocktails, incredible service, and Negronis on tap; it's perfect.

Dante NYC

Thing-to-do of the week

Most people love Broadway, so why not try and win some 2-for-1 tickets this week?

We're heading into the last week to enter, so be sure to get your name down for NYC Broadway Week!

NYC Broadway Week

Local tip of the week

This one is short and sweet:

“Buy better boots” – Katie

That's the inside word!


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